Music Monday :: my thoughts on Beautiful Monster

7 Dec

I don’t know.  Sure.

“The Watcher.”  This girl has a voice like a Disney princess over some very 80s standard type pop-rock.  And then there are strings?  Suddenly.  “It’s not so hard to be happy, oh, to be happy.  We’re not so far, so far apart now.”  That’s cute.  This is cute.  Strains of Josie and the Pussycats.

“Regret It In the Morning.”  There are also shades of This Girl here.  “I can tell the future and I can read a fortune” and this has a cute sort of sense of 90s girl bands, also?  Not riot grrl 90s, but not like, pop either?  I keep going back to Josie and the Pussycats.  I mean this fondly, I think.

“Beautiful Monster.”  Oh, suddenly it’s a lullaby “if you leave me I will rip your face off that’s how much I love you” oh my god I’m dying this is hilarious.  This sounds like the sentimental kind of number from an off-Broadway tragicomedy like Bat Boy or something oh my god “[there’ll] be a dollhouse and I’ll be your toy” oh this might be useful.  “I wasn’t like this till you showed me how but take care of my heart whatever you do or baby I will destroy you.”  Oh, well that explains the Disney princess voice, the singer Lauren Worsham is a Broadway actress actually.

“Rapture.”  Oh my god I am listening with new ears knowing these are NYC Joe’s Pub theatre people making this pop-punk-dark cabaret lady explosion.  I watched a video of the last song and she had a tutu and corset on.  “There is a light in the window.”  Harmonies like a 1960s girlsy do-wop oh my god they’ve  found all of my weaknesses and rolled them into one.  Also since this is a literal rapture it’s got a hint of Gothic Americana.  This is 42nd Street Gothic.

“Doctor.”  Well this is depressing but also ridiculously cute.  I keep thinking of like, Bat Boy and Little Shop and like.  Reefer Madness.  Shades of Jasper in Deadland.  Theatre people making pop rock music is a wonderful thing.

“Action Movie.”  AND THEY’RE META.  These are the harmonies of angels and the guitars of angry drama clubbers and the thoughts of giant super nerds.  I’m so happy.  “It may be too late now for me but you can turn this thing around” oh my god I just started laughing in this weird high-pitched squeaky way.  “They’ll never let me go but you can slip away, if you’re quick they’ll never know how you made your great escape” oh my god “and though I know you may be scared to go alone it’s all right, you have to save yourself, you can make it through tonight” I’m????

“Seems So Strange.”  So I’m deep in adoration.  And strings there are strings and piano this is such a thing.  “And no one can put me back together no one but you, when it’s all done you can make it better but you never do” well god this hurts.  It’s beautiful.

“Steal Tonight.”  Broadway voices are just.  I love articulate clarity on top of weirdness.  I love that this is really cheery punk cabaret and I’m smiling so much. “And I’ve been waiting for you, I’ve been waiting such a long time, such a long time” her voice is heavenly.  We’re getting the progressive chords of an emblematic rock musical.  I’m so.  And the swirling fade-out of the “Time Warp.”

“Vampire.”  Oh look, it’s my wheelhouse.  “When tomorrow comes, I’m better than a promise I’ll be better than.  The night brings out the dog in me, the vampire who’s a part of me shows her teeth again.”  Snap.  This is so.  “Though hell can be fun for a night it’ll never be right.”  I’m inarticulate and delighted.

“Run Away.”  Oh, the ballad!  With more strings.  And piano.  And this belongs in good places.

“Everyone Will Die.”  Oh my gooooood this is the most joyous delightfully pagan-reinterpretive thing, shades of Rocky Horror and Little Shop again, and the chorus is so cute for being so morbid.  I’m so roused.

–your fangirl heroine.



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