Fashion Friday :: I have too many feelings.

4 Dec


I will defend Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) with my dying breath.  This is not to say that I think she always makes the right choices, but she is my queen and she is learning and she is still the number one reason I stay with this damn show because I can honestly say I owe something of who I am today to the strength that she as a fictional character inspired in me and I needed her.  And I didn’t really need her meandering through B&W’s Tyrion-aggrandizing, Jorah-apologizing fanfiction sidequest when she should have been learning things from dear Ser Grandfather who is not supposed to be dead.  Also, to hell with Daario Naharis just because.  I dislike his face.


So this was, despite my cosplay, a year mostly for maxi dresses.  This one is both a Westerosi halter (despite the fact that Dany’s weren’t strictly that most of the time) and has a cutout.  Also, I… kind of feel like the dressnamers were… getting at something.  With Style and Lace Dress, ModCloth.


I’m not sure, I just like it. Once Upon a Thyme Coat in Almond, ModCloth.


These are her fancy getting the hell out thank you boots.  Barnhouse Brunch Bootie in Pebble, ModCloth.


This is so expensive but it’s spectacular.  Dragon necklace by martymagic on Etsy.

–your fangirl heroine.



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