Whimsy Wednesday :: in which comparing someone to your mommy is not sexy and neither is pretending to be three months from death.

2 Dec

Well, at least Chibi-Usa has her own bedroom to have Pegasus dreams in.

I’m genuinely curious how you would get a 28 on anything.  And I suck at math too.

“Stop lowering the family average all by yourself!” god calm down

(Also, getting 20s is definitely possible. Hi, algebra.)

Oh, my worst grades ever were in math, I don’t dispute that, I just… think I blocked the numbers from my brain, so i didn’t stress out after the fact.  Which is what I would do.  Still.

“That makes twice in a row that you failed to make a woman yours.”  Maybe because you are trying force and also may not actually be singularly interested in women.

“[You and Usagi in wedding dresses] is my biggest dream right now.”  Cool it Ikuko Mommy, they’re like 10 and 14.

Holy shit Fish’s Eye crying that someone looks like your mother from whom you have been separated is… oh my god this is just so oh my god.


Also uhhhhh “you look like my mom” NOT A SEXY SEDUCTION TECHNIQUE

How could Usagi have possibly known that their mother was going to get seduced in the park by an evil monster man with terrible pink hair?

Also, does all of this happen in a special void that has no sound because you would think people would be able to hear this shit.

“beautiful dream” still sounds like a euphemism I am sorry

How can anyone look at that man and think he has not kissed a man

Oh my god her stupid little skitter back to the cannon I am dying

That was a hell of a crotch shot on that guy and his purple tights.

“Shucks” what

Okay but like. couldn’t we get rid of her stupid cannon

That would be a good idea.


Oh my god I forgot about the part where Chibi Moon hovers kissing Sailor Moon’s cheek in the transformation.

The best part of waking up is Folger’s in your cup~

So she does a Twinkle Yell to summon Pegasus and then fancy new attack Moon Gorgeous Meditation I’m pretty sure they just looked at a list of words.  Also, rainbow doily kaleidoscope.

“Pegasus… what are you?”  I’m pretty sure he is a Pegasus.

“360 degrees divided into” oh my god Ami mathing the pie.

“We should’ve used a protractor from the start”

Ah, pie drama.

“Come on, everybody knows you use carrots to lure a horse!”

Ah, monsterbait Naru.

I like that nobody has actually noticed the devil’s carnival parked in the sky, apparently.

I distinctly remember Zirconia not being a Madam in the dub I grew up with.  I also distinctly remember the brat sisters in the back half of the season referring to Zirconia as “Zirc the Jerk.”  I could be imagining this from the fanfiction my friend and I were halfway writing, but I do remember it happening somewhere.

Oh no, longhaired men in 1980s suits who are secretly evil, it’s Naru’s weakness.

The Amazon Trio flirts like a bad romance novel.

“That girl chose that ugly boy over me?! Did that really just happen?!” oh my god

This is the funniest mess in the world.

“I could create a subspace where I could keep him confined” IS THAT SO

Okay but they still…have to find someone with a beautiful dream…

“Cherry Boys”

Also, the Amazon Trio, they are not good at convincing backstories or convincingly acting out their backstories.

This is amazing omg

“I’m too young to die without ever knowing love”

“If you won’t be my girlfriend, I won’t have anything more to live for in this world”

A+ manipulation tactics ser

If some dude came up to me with this melodramatic bullshit, I would just laugh in his face tbh

Also, she doesn’t even know his name though?

“Naru, pity and love aren’t the same.”  Wise words.

“Something about this seems fishy.  I have a bad feeling.”  Accurate, Ami.

“I’ll be a hermit in the mountains for a while!”

“That serious face doesn’t become you” as he fondles her hair and touches her and oh my god he’s pulling every bit of nice guy bullshit it’s incredible.

“What is this thing?”  It’s a cage this is some Christian Grey bullshit right here

“I don’t have time to argue with a guy who has a comeback for everything!”


–your fangirl heroines.



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