Music Monday :: my thoughts on What’s Inside: Songs from Waitress

30 Nov

Hey, remember when we heard her play one of these songs live and I felt things?

“What’s Inside.”  Gooosh.  I just love her voice.  This show is going to be so damn precious.

“Opening Up.”  This is so cute.  This is the upbeat “Downtown (Skid Row),” and I’m sure Sara would be appreciative of that because she said at the concert she did Little Shop.  She actually has a really good voice for a certain sort of musical.  She’s very clear.  “I’m no good in the outside world because I feel too much and it usually hurts.”  OH GOD.  This is so cheery and self-effacing and I can imagine this.  So much.  “Good Morning Baltimore,” that too.

“Door Number Three.”  Also cute holy crap this cute piano.  There is so much cute when she’s actually singing really upsetting things but it’s still so optimistic.  “I was wrong to believe that strength makes you strong.”  I really like this.

“When He Sees Me.”  Oh my god I forgot how adorably weird the protagonist of Waitress is.  “I’m not defensive, I’m simply being cautious.”  “You cannot be too careful sharing your life, I could end up a miserable wife.”  “What if he opens up a door and I can’t close it.”  This is something I feel so much.

“Soft Place to Land.”  Aw, now it’s getting cute and strummy.  Shades of The Last 5 Years.  Shades of Spring Awakening.  Shades of beautiful things I love.  This is an album written by someone who knows pop music and also knows musicals very well.  Good job Sara!  “A dream is a soft place to land.”

“Never Ever Getting Rid of Me.”  Oh my god she’s singing the boy now this is hilarious it’s so cute but also terrifying.

“I Didn’t Plan It.”  JAZZY.  “I understand it, a story written by my own hand.  It’s life biting right at your heels.  I didn’t plan it but it’s finally something to feel.”  This is so nice.  I want this show immediately.

“Bad Idea.”  Oh no, Jason Mraz.  “It’s a bad idea, me and you.”  Yes, it is.  This is the exposition duet.  It’s going to serve its purpose in the show!  And it’s still cute.  It’s just a tiny bit clunkier than the others have been.  Probably the “I’m/you’re your/my doctor” part doesn’t quite work as well separate of the staging.

“You Matter to Me.”  I just do not care about boys.  “I could find the whole meaning of life in those sad eyes.”  Well that’s some Jamie Wellerstein shit.  This is so damn “The Next Ten Minutes.”

“She Used to Be Mine.”  Kill me.  This song.  This song is so important and beautiful and Sara thank you for making this and kill me.

“Everything Changes.”  “Now I am yours and you are mine” NOW I AM YOURS AND YOU ARE MINE.  Oh, this is so cute.  This is such a nice song.  I don’t even get sappy about babies and shit but this is so sweet.

“Lulu’s Pie Song.”  This is another theatrical kind of tune.  But it’s charming also.

–your fangirl heroine.




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