Spoiler Alert Saturday :: my thoughts on Mockingjay, Part 2

28 Nov

I actually took physical notes for this one, because I was at the theater with dinner where you write your order on a notepad, and sorry, I borrowed some of the paper.  I had to to keep myself civil.

I remember really only two things about the latter part of this book.  Prim (Willow Shields) dies, and that pissed me off, and there was an epilogue with babies, and that pissed me off.  These things still happened and they still pissed me off.

Overall this was exactly like the other films in the franchise.  A high production value, a cast full of Name Actors sometimes overacting and supporting actors being underused, a plot you can see coming a mile away, and Unconvincing Hetero (™) (which as of this and SHIELD 3.05 has its own color scheme, heavy blue or sepia tints).

Highlights included Johanna (Jena Malone) every time she existed (and especially that time at Annie and Finnick’s wedding that I actually thought she and Katniss [Jennifer Lawrence] were going to kiss), Cressida (Natalie Dormer) every time she existed (and especially that time in the weird coat shop that I actually thought she and Katniss were going to kiss), the weird commitment to asymmetrical clothing design in the rebels that extended to their undershirts, the fact that Gwendoline Christie and Paula Malcomson get what I’m sure are nice paychecks for not ery much work, the fact that President Snow (Donald Sutherland) sounded a hell of a lot like a certain other aspiring president IRL (“nothing says perfection like white” was a favorite), the fact that President Snow was apparently dying of tuberculosis, “Effie, don’t be a stranger,” and the fact that the new elected president was a nice black lady.  Oh, and Gale’s (Liam Hemsworth) line “it’s like kissing someone who’s drunk.  Doesn’t count,” because that means that despite being an exploder of children he’s at least into informed consent.

Un-highlights were mostly the lack of subtlety and the Unconvincing Hetero (™), honestly.  But that’s that and that’s the end.  No more.

–your fangirl heroine.



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