Music Monday :: my thoughts on (the second half of) Delirium

23 Nov

Here we go.

“We Can’t Move to This.”  Well this is a space-age underwater kind of jam.  “We can’t even talk boy and we don’t even kiss.”

“Army.”  Aw, this sounds like the vintage stuff.  My beloved “We Were Friends,” for one.  “I know that we don’t look like much, but no one fucks it up like us,” goooosh I’m.  This is lovely.  “When I’m with you I’m standing with an army.”  Well, this is the sweetest most precious.

“Lost and Found.”  More on that tip well I’m so delighted.  This is so sugarsweet and I’m really cheered.

“Devotion.”  This song is either really sweet or mildly alarming, I can’t decide.  It’s either about a nice relationship or a really codependent unhealthy one, and I’m not sure.  I hope it’s sweet, though.  That would make it easier to listen to repeatedly.  I think it is, but.  I’m a cynic.

“Scream It Out.”  Oh, oh piano, piano and British and hi you cute thing.  “I’ve always had a thing for silence but lately I just need a voice I recognize.”  This is anthemic and also sweet.  Yes.

“The Greatest.”  “We’re the greatest, no one gets it like we do.”  I understand this, it’s lovely.  We’re into the fluffy bit of the album, I guess.  But I am not enough of a cynic that I don’t totally feel this in a part of my soul.

“I Do What I Love.”  Ooh, this one has a little twist to it, and that’s interesting.  “I can’t ask for your permission, I can’t wait for it, ’cause I was born free, I ain’t taking this.” Oh yes all right!

“Paradise.”  She does weird little slidey things with her voice that I really like and this is full of them.  “Dream another dream ’cause you’re killin’ it honey.

“Winner.”  I like the DJ-dropped percussion in so many of these tracks. I find it interesting that this album is switching from, like, dance tracks to ballads and back, not much in between.  “Love to the lovers, hate to the haters, love to you, babe, do what you have to.”  This does nothing to disprove my modern Dany instinct.

“Heal.”  This has overall a bit more techno R&B than Halcyon, which isn’t a bad thing just different (though I would be lying if I said I didn’t miss the dark fucked-up bits of Halcyon on this album so far), because this is good yes!

“Outside.”  This includes Calvin Harris.  “We did everything right, now I’m on the outside” this feels familiar have I heard this somewhere?  Also, strings.

“Powerful.”  Ooh this is kind of swaggery and sexy.  This includes Major Lazer and Tarrus Riley, and they are less sexy, but Ellie’s bit is nice.

Okay, nvm, then, the other two tracks aren’t on Spotify.  I’ll acquire them and let you know.

–your fangirl heroine.




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