Sarcastic Saturday :: 10 topics of conversation that make me feel very uncomfortable to eavesdrop on.

21 Nov

Presented mostly without commentary except to say that these vary in how uncomfortable they make me at a given time and that all of these things have the effect of making me clench my jaw and turn away to collect myself.

10. Media analyses that I have strongly contradictory opinions about.

9. Conversations about money.

8. Anything that amounts to one party yelling at or criticizing the other party for matters of taste, natural inclination, or what have you.

7. Conversations wherein adults attempt to hyperregulate their child’s (usually daughter’s) future (obviously heterosexual) love life before it happens.

6. Sexist/racist/homophobic/ableist/classist/etc. jokes.

5. Sexist/racist/homophobic/ableist/classist/etc. insults.

4. 90% of political discourse, honestly.
This one is less true, at least, when around people I’m truly comfortable with, but it’s always a little bit true, for a variety of reasons.

3. Donald Trump.

2. Guns.

1. Hitting children as a form of discipline.

–your fangirl heroine.



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