Whimsy Wednesday :: in which they deal with the fallout of accidental baby acquisition and Chibiusa leaves for about two minutes.

18 Nov

“Can’t we feel warmth between us?”

Ah a flash into the battle.  Into Sailor Moon desperately trying to save Hotaru.

Such.  Things.  Such.  Accidental.  Baby.

You can tell shit is serious because everyone’s uniforms have rips in them and Sailor Moon lacks pupils.

“Hotaru came to see me in my dream” poor tiny bisexual.

Meanwhile, Michiru and Haruka are bottle-feeding a baby.  And driving.  And having emotional gay flashbacks.  As they go to take baby Hotaru to see her beat to hell dad in hospital.  He has amnesia and “severe psychological trauma” and Haruka and Michiru are sad about abandoning the baby to her amnesiac shitty father.

This is wildly gay

This time when her hat flew off, it’s accompanied by a ghost Pluto.  “I wish I could give you a hug.  But I no longer exist in this world.”  Pain.  Poor Chibi-Usa.  But luckily, Pluto gave exposition on the reincarnation of Hotaru, so that’s good.  Clears things up.

And the hat has been found by Hotaru’s dad and the baby!  Chibi-Usa is desperately confused.

Chibi-Usa is now making friends with infant Hotaru and putting the pieces together.

“We’ll see each other again” you sure will!  It’s called season 5 and it’s going to be a thing.

Meanwhile, Ami is sciencing the ruins of Mugen School for traces of anything.  Everyone else is searching, but Ami is sciencing.  With her science computer.  Aw, shit, Michiru is playing the violin and Haruka is playing with rocks at the demolition site.

I always practice my violin on top of rocks.

“Your naivete is disgraceful.”  “You aren’t qualified to be the queen of the future.”  Time for a senshi showdown.

Every single transformation, but Usagi is against it!  “I don’t want you all to fight!” she cries, and then she monologues.  While Uranus and Neptune stand there impossibly sexily.

They start to scrap.  Tuxedo Mask shows up to mediate.

But just in time, Sailor Moon begins to glow and repels Neptune and Uranus’ physical attacks, which puts them down on their knees.  They see her divinity at last.  Power.  But.  Yeah.  Surprise!  Sailor Moon is the Messiah after all!  Now they can leave.  But they’ll be back.

“Sailor Saturn wasn’t the only one saved by the Messiah.”

And Michiru and Haruka drive off into the sunset.  Gaily.

Isn’t there another anime that ends with lesbians driving off into the sunset? I feel like there is.

The declining action episode.

“You’re cold, right? Let’s go inside.” I AM THE SAME that would be a thing I would do.

Wherein Mamoru is a dense fool.

A letter written primarily in hiragana I could read that if I paused on it, probably.  I’m not going to but I bet I could.

Chibi-Usa is invited by her parents to go home and they all are going to have to deal.

Don’t freak out, guys.  She’ll be back by next season.  She has to fall in love with the Pegasus-boy.

Also don’t tell her to leave now she’s even sadder.

I…feel like this was also the central conflict of an episode of Winnie the Pooh? Maybe?

That does not sound very far off.

The storm starts storming over the ruins of Mugen School.  One Daimon egg remains and hatches the last of the Crimson Peak zombies, who slithers over to the oven.  Aw shit.

“I’ll sing a song to get the party rolling.”  Rei.  What.


The parade of presents for Chibi-Usa.  Ami giving her a floppy disk.  They will still use those in the 30th century.  Aslo cassette tapes.

Usagi and Rei should probably just make out.

“Look at all these cuts! At least put on a bandage!” …sick burn???

Chibi-Usa is a brave little kid.

Now there is a mommy-daughter Moment.  Many eye-wibbles.

Aw, shit, a monster that needs fought!  Because “indiscriminately taking pure hearts is unforgivable!”  This Daimon is on a mission, man.  Aw shit.

Oh!  Surprising everyone, Sailor Chibi Moon drops in from the sky.  No.  Surprising no one.  Honestly.  But here she is to fight the Daimon with her dysfunctional wand.

I like that hitting the Daimon on the head glitched it out or something.

“I, Tuxedo Mask, cannot forgive anyone who threatens these young girls.”  Or something.

Those ones over in that town? Eh, I don’t give a fuck.

Of course not!

Group hug!  Luna-P enters with a letter!  Future Usagi understands Chibi-Usa staying.  Awww.

–your fangirl heroines.



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