Television Tuesday :: 10 television gowns I adore

17 Nov

This is not a salty list.  This is just a predictable list of pretty ladies wearing pretty dresses.

10. Margaery’s (Natalie Dormer) first wedding dress


I let my mom pick her very favorite Game of Thrones dress for this list and this is what she picked, and I tend to agree.  It’s spectacular.  The detail.  The fact that it doesn’t look like a single other thing that’s been worn on this show.

9. Dany’s (Emilia Clarke) Qartheen gown


Gowns.  I mean, I love all of her stuff, obviously, but I’m going to give this gown a shoutout because I love the fabric and also I will never be able to wear it because of how it’s cut so I have to admire it from afar.

8. Salome’s (Valentina Cervi) death gown


This dress is different from the other ones on the list because it’s almost minimal but it’s just so lovely.  Salome, I think at least three times a week about how fascinating you were.

7. Nora’s (Lucy Griffiths) Bridesmaid of Lilith dress


I cannot, for some reason, find a picture of her wearing this dress that’s full-body in the Google Image search (and I know not to go too far on Nora-related searches because her upsetting death scene always comes up) but there’s the top of it and here’s the whole thing.  This is one of my favorite dresses in the history of dresses.

6. Tara’s (Amber Benson) Once More With Feeling costume


I mean, Willow’s dress is nice too (as evidenced by my cosplay years ago) but I love Tara’s more.  It’s just so.  Ridiculous.

5. Inara’s (Morena Baccarin) “The Message” dress


Inara has overall one of my favorite wardrobes of anyone on television, but this dress is my favorite favorite.  Probably because it’s corseted.

4, 3. Joanie’s (Kim Dickens) very similar entertaining gowns

Joanie has another one of my favorite wardrobes, but these dresses stand out.  Which is why it’s baffling to me that you cannot find a single image of them, either of them.  They’re the one in this scene and the black one exactly like it.

2. Dottie’s (Bridget Regan) fake identity gown


It’s 1940s glamour at its best.

1. Peggy’s (Hayley Atwell) fake identity gown


Also 1940s glamour at its best.

–your fangirl heroine.




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