Music Monday :: my thoughts on (the first half of) Delirium

16 Nov

Holy shit Ellie, you made an album that in its deluxe iteration is 25 tracks long.  I am liveblogging this one in two parts.

“Intro (Delirium).”  Ambient noise oh it’s creeping me right out this is ghost music and I’m not even calling it spoopy because it’s much realer than that.  Worldly ghost music.

“Aftertaste.”  Hm.  God her accent is so cute.  I think this is going to grow on me a lot when I’m driving around in my car blasting it.  I mean I like it now, but I think it’s going to take a little while to hit me all the way.

“Something In The Way You Move.”  This album I feel like it complements the Grace Potter album from earlier this year.  It’s that same kind of dance vibe so far.  “Playing with fire I was the first to fall.”  Ellie, you continue to uphold your reputation as my modern Dany artist, honestly.

“Keep On Dancin’.”  “People like to talk because they don’t know what to say, running from the truth because the truth too much to take” oh goodness her voice is doing some really weird cool things.

“On My Mind.”  Well that was a music video that I certainly did just watch.  In which Ellie and her girlfriend the gangsta babe ride horses through Las Vegas to rob Ellie’s idiot boyfriend?  Conversely, I offer this: Huntingbird.

“Around U.”  Poppy cute fun, all right then!

“Codes.”  Oh accent is in fine form just now.  Let me roll around in your accent a while.  “Everything you do I overanalyze” aw that’s valid.  Yes.  This is charming but also I understand, at least objectively.

“Holding On For Life.”  Ooh there’s some gospel and there’s an interesting tone it’s giving that’s cute.

“Love Me Like You Do.”  Well, at least this song is being released properly on her album so it’s not just that song from 50 Shades of Gross, so I can finally listen to it and possibly enjoy it.  The way I rationalize songs on soundtracks is this: who didn’t have a song on the Twilight soundtracks?  Really?  It’s okay.  Money is a thing.  This still isn’t going to be my favorite song on the album by a long shot, it’s a little more standard ballad, but at least it’s manageable.

“Don’t Need Nobody.”  “I’ve been too numb to understand I’m just a victim of the weapon in my hand.”  Also, “never a flame to burn slow.”  I enjoy this.  I kind of want more ghost music but this is very serviceable dance pop.

“Don’t Panic.”  Yes.  Also serviceable.  Cute.  I’m good with this!

–your fangirl heroine.



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