Fashion Friday :: look, someone else who still hasn’t changed clothes.

13 Nov

Sorry, Gilly (Hannah Murray).  See, on one hand it’s super awesome that you’re on your way to Oldtown (finally) and it’s great that your baby is actually with you.  But your baby gets to stay with you in a roundabout way because Shireen is dead and you came real close to being pulled into another needless rape scene. Sorry, honey.

So I figure modern AU Gilly who survived growing up in a polygamy incest cult is now happily going to night school and occasionally playing politely sarcastic chatelaine for her collegiate boyfriend Sam, who is in turn going to library school or something let’s be real. Also, this sweater name I am dying.  I Will Possess Your Hearth Sweater, ModCloth.

Plain underlayer.  A Layer to Love Top in Beige, ModCloth.

It’s tweedy.  That’s intellectual.  Intern of Fate Skirt in Latte, ModCloth.

Yes, this is entirely because Hannah Murray reminds me of a really adorable bunny rabbit.  Not a Hare Out of Place Tights, ModCloth.

Sure.  Model of Modesty Heel in Taupe, ModCloth.

–your fangirl heroine.


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