Music Monday :: my thoughts on Know It All

9 Nov

I feel like I’ve played Alessia Cara on Spotify before. Yes.

“Seventeen.”  Well this is very cute!  And once again I observe that seventeen is just the magic number.  Why? It is not that exciting of an age, even.  “Always keep the closest friends, they can slip away” that’s nice.  This is sweet.  This is fairly normal sweet pop but I like it.

“Here.”  Apparently this is an introvert anthem.  Straight up.  Oh my god it is I understand all of this.  This sounds like every college party I ever went to, all like four of them.  I understand.

“Outlaws.”  Aw, this sounds like vintage.  It’s got the old-timey soul horns.  I like her adorable voice.  “You’ll never battle the gavel alone.”  “You’re the shining to my star.”  This is so precious.

“I’m Yours.”  More normal sweet pop but it’s lovely and I think she’s won me over.  “I’m mad at you for being so cute” oh my god.  Well this is precious.  This is… I get this, too.

“Four Pink Walls.”  Ooh, this has a bit of hip-hop to it.  Cute.  I really like how casual this feels.  I’m not in articulate mode but this is like… lazily driving around on a summer afternoon.  Or a rainy afternoon that you’re trying to pretend is warmer than it is by playing summer afternoon music.

“Wild Things.”  I’m honestly not sure what to say to a lot of this, but it goes well with the vague indiepop float I groove on sometimes.  This is like the sunshine to Halsey’s sexy nighttime planet (not to be confused with SHIELD‘s traumatic nighttime planet – or rather, Halsey’s sexy nighttime planet is the one that would have existed in my AU where it was the same plot but it was Nebula instead of an astronaut douche. I digress).

“Stone.”  Ooh slow jams.  It’s very… I’m not sure this isn’t something I haven’t sort of heard before, but it’s nice.  I like it.

“Overdose.”  Same.  I’m not entirely sure I’m totally comfortable with drug metaphors for relationships, but it’s a nice smooth listen.

“Stars.”  More slow jams, but it’s a nice thought.  “We could be stars.”  I like that general premise yes.

“Scars To Your Beautiful.”  “She just wants to be beautiful she goes unnoticed she knows no limits she craves attention she praises an image she prays to be sculpted by the sculptor” oh dear suddenly I’m feeling very certain things.  This has such a lovely message.  “You don’t have to change a thing the world could change its heart” yes please.

“Here (2 AM Version).”  Ooh suddenly it’s jazz and mood and I love this.

“River of Tears.”  Not really a sentiment I’m overly fond of, but I understand that it hits home for some people.  It’s well-made.  I’m just not so

“My Song.”  Oh, this is a lovely inspirational sort of tune and I’m happy about it.  I like the nice messages here too.  It’s making me feel all warm and nice.

–your fangirl heroine.


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