Whimsy Wednesday :: in which science should not be misused and everyone is fucked.

4 Nov

Ami the perfect student I’m emoting already.

With her perfect score on exams.  The other perfect score is for Yui Bido.  Spoiler, I wonder what Yui Bido is up to.  I wonder I wonder.

As they’re lined up to take exams in the snow.  Because that makes it look serious.

Kaolinite is sexying up to Doctor Daddy Dearest and she needs to stop.  Viluy, who is often called like, Byruit, is here to put a stop to it.  She’s gonna target exam-taking students.  “Why don’t you gather some pure hearts rather than flirt all the time?” she asks Kaolinite, walking away wearing her silly metal hat and single metal arm warmer.

“I think they’re all studying hard to follow their dreams.”  Ami-chan baby.

They should be able to recognize Witches 5 by now by the way their eyes don’t have a pupil.

Yeah, seriously. Also this doesn’t seem legit at all???

“There’s something I want to show you that will help you with your studying.”  Makes it sound like ~Yui Bido is gonna sneak her into the broom closet, tbh.

Mysterious and eerie, Haruka?

…Viluy, what the hell is your plan in showing Ami the miniature universe.

“Anyone can teach as long as they have high marks!” didn’t we have a problem with a student-taught course at actual universities recently where they were trying to teach about fanfic and it all went ass-end up?

“But even if your grades are good, it doesn’t mean that you’re a good instructor… you need to be able to understand the feelings of students that aren’t doing well,” Ami argues passionately.  “Science requires the warmth of a human heart.”

Science requires the warmth of a human heart

science requires the warmth of a human heart

I think Viluy’s outfit is objectively the stupidest-looking outfit of anyone in the Witches 5.  She’s got nano robots, so that’s cool, but I hate her stupid metal hat so much.  I assume it’s metal.  It looks like metal.

“Why did you come back after dying?  Was it because you wanted to flirt with the professor?” Viluy also has extreme sass.

Oh my god taking exams on their horrible 90s computers that’s adorable.  Except for the part where their computers are actually heart crystal suckers.  That’s not adorable.  That’s just silly.

Hotaru baaaaaaby

Ami is here to put a stop to it!  To loudly insist that Haruka and Michiru not harm Hotaru.  “The Death Busters have been using her… she hasn’t done anything wrong… don’t lay a finger on her!”  Such insistence Ami here to stop things that are unjust.

Viluy electrocuting Haruka and Michiru with robots.  Ami refusing to leave them here suffering.  GOD Ami is such a precious badass gift to the world.

“Don’t misuse science!”


I feel like that ought to be like, a bumper sticker or something.

Viluy’s robots are actually kind of clever, if completely fucked up.  And too drawn-out.

“It’s wrong to use science for evil.  You should be using it to make people happy.”

Mercury calls on Uranus and Neptune to join the other senshi in fighting.  They do.  I think again how much I need to find an mp3 of their transformation music to make my ringtone.

“Oh!  Super Sailor Moon!” As if the appearance of regular Sailor Moon had not tipped you off to that possibility.

Viluy betrayed by her own robots.

“Nano robots, you’re attacking the wrong person!” That’s basically what happens when people die from fairies in Pan, btw.

Aw, shit, Doctor Daddy Dearest has seen the senshi’s identities.

“Is this her punishment for believing in science like a machine, without love?  The poor thing…”  Ami sweetie baby girl.

And the altar to possessed Hotaru breaks.  Mistress 9 is happening sooner and sooner.

Haruka and Michiru chastising Ami for letting the Messiah of Silence get away but thanking her for saving them and then they all giggle oh my god.

Ah yes sexy evil grown-up Hotaru to be fanart bait with sexy evil grown-up Chibi-Usa.  There is a fair amount of art for Mistress 9/Dark Lady.  It’s pretty good, some of it.

Zombie students once more.

“There is sorrow in the wind.”  Such poetic, Haruka.

Haruka is Legolas tbh

Chibi-Usa is moping over her missing tiny girlfriend and then… bathing with her mother.  That’s not weird at all.

How did Luna and Artemis get the door open? They don’t have thumbs.

Was just going to say.

Oh my god, Cyprine, your glasses make LITERALLY NO SENSE THAT IS NOT HOW GLASSES WORK

Kaolinite hanging from the ceiling like a godsdamned bat what even

Shit Chibi-Usa having dreams about zombies reaching for crucified Hotaru this shit is dark.

I’m still thinking about those damn glasses holy shit though having two drastically different lenses like that would be the worst idea I feel like.  Your peripheral on one side would be for shit, and the headaches.

Ah yes, Cyprine is the one with the freaky alternate twin.  Whose name is Ptilol what the fuck is that even that is a keysmash.

It looks like you were trying to type “pit” and mistyped and then wrote “lol.”

NOT REALLY THAT UNEXPECTED KAOLINITE you’ve seen Sailor Chibi Moon you’ve seen Chibi-Usa they look exactly the same.

But tiny baby Chibi Moon running into the house alone to save her baby girlfriend.

Tuxedo Mask “a girl’s love for her friend” yeah uh huh for her gal pal.

Man it’s delightful when they stop using their powers and just punch the bad guys.

The senshi have been touching each other’s shoulders a lot today.

“I’m reading a warp in the fabric of space,” says Mercury, sciencing the portal.

I was about to make a Doctor Who joke and then I decided not to lol.

The portal that Neptune and Uranus are already exploring, finding Doctor Daddy Dearest about to sacrifice Sailor Chibi Moon on an altar.  NOPE says Uranus, running and getting stopped by Doctor Daddy Dearest’s powerful forcefield holy shit he was literally just giving them the finger

I feel vaguely uncomfortable

“Hotaru… I’m glad you’re all right…” says Chibi Moon as her heart crystal is stolen oh my god

“Love?  What is that?” asks Doctor Daddy Dearest.

Heart crystal consumed, sexy evil grown-up Hotaru is born.  Mistress 9.


Kaolinite is killed by Mistress 9.  Such dramatics.  Everyone makes a fucking run for it as the Mugen School explodes so much.  The cats and Pluto and Tuxedo Mask watch.

Oh, good, they evacuated the students.  That’s good.

Such dramatics.

…and we will waaaaalk through the fiiiire

Hah, I actually thought “Let’s go to work.”


–your fangirl heroines.


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