Television Tuesday :: Halloween 2015 part the second

4 Nov

It’s time for the annual Game of Thrones rough draft!  Starring one girl who does watch/read and feels anger over this damn television show at least ten times a week and one girl who does not watch/read but is doing a great favor and feels that pain at least sympathetically as two lady characters who, ironically, would do great harm to someone who advocated treating women like certain showrunners seem to decide they need to do once an episode or more.

Now, one downside to the season five dresses was that the majority of them were floor-length, and after last year I have decided I want no more of those ever.  Another downside is that the floor-length ones were simple in shape but involved unrealistic detail work (floor-length fully smocked sleeves, gorgeous but unattainable dragon jewelry pieces).  This is definitely the simplest Dany dress we have made (the only special detail is the tulle sewn on the shoulders, courtesy of drift partner, to mimic embroidery) but it is also my favorite to wear, I think.  The fabric is heavy (crepe-back satin turned inside out so the smooth shiny bit is against the skin and the more textured bit is visible) but it’s not nearly as heavy as the wool skirt I had last year; there’s less worry about everything staying in the right place; there aren’t one thousand tiny threads or mesh pieces poking into my skin from the inside like with the more embellished bodices; etcetera.  It’s just really comfortable and it fits really nicely and the manager at Applebee’s came over to commend us specially.

This is the silver fabric used for the detail, because it’s hard to see at a distance.

Look at what a good sport.  She has seen exactly one episode of this show (4.10 “The Children,” actually, which we watched together) but she offered to be Nymeria Sand for me because of my absolute obsession with the Sand Snakes.  This one needs a bit more fine-tuning before con, largely because its construction was 100% improvised, but it turned out wonderfully and she is wonderful.

This is the fabric used for all of the belts up there.  Look what a magical bargain table find this was.

And once again, aren’t we cute.

–your fangirl heroine.


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