Marvel Monday :: Halloween 2015, part the first

2 Nov

So I was invited to multiple comic store parties for Halloween this year, so we decided to be silly and ambitious and have two sets of costumes.  Because we’re like that.

Because these were comic store parties she wanted to take her best costume existing in a universe based on comics.  We’re both MCU.  Through and through.  So of course she took Sif, which continues to be beautiful please everyone appreciate it.

I decided to try my hand at Wanda Maximoff.  And I really really liked it.  I was told by a friend long ago that I ought to do Wanda largely for the reason that I have expressive dancer hands.  (I am not a dancer, but I played one in a one-act in high school and some of the habits I made myself acquire never faded.)  That said, ugh it was so much fun and I am doing it again in the future.

Also, this costume is almost entirely found items.  The dress is one I had, the jacket is from Target, the longer necklace is from Target, the hose are from Hot Topic, the gloves are from Spirit Halloween, the wig is from a cool wig store in not my town, the boots are the boots I always use. I made the shorter necklace out of a chain and some beads from the fabric store, because I am that person.

Look we’re so cute.

And here is a hilarious non-Marvel bonus picture of the others who often do Halloween with us as Harley Quinn and a very nonchalantly posed Joker.

–your fangirl heroine.


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