Music Monday :: my thoughts on Asperities

26 Oct

“Remind me to never meet Julia Kent in the dark! Her Cello-meets-drone-work on “Asperities” is scary as hell. But fascinating. Very fascinating.”  Quoth  I love no musical sound more than cellos.

DEAR GOD I AM SO THIS IS THE SOUNDTRACK TO MY DARKEST FANTASIES this is all instrumental so I am just going to let it happen but you guys you need to listen to this this is what I long for this music is Gothic Romantic wandering through mansions this music is apocalypse this music is dark and atmospheric and beautiful.

This is poking around mysterious shelves in a dusty library in the dark with a candle.  This is macabre masquerades.  This is sneaky ghosts.

OH My GOD THE APOCALYPSE I AM SO this is not zombies this is like the Dollhouse apocalypse.  In a good way.  Industrial and lovely.

I am on a cloud of joy.

–your fangirl heroine.


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