Whimsy Wednesday :: in which the Sailor Scouts must play games to escape an alternate dimension and Hotaru’s identity is revealed.

21 Oct


“The ace of hearts keeps running away from me” oh oh Hotaru baby.

Mimete is a silly silly who broke the house and now there’s a dimensional rift and Chibi-Usa and Hotaru are stuck in what the hell knows


Doctor Daddy Dearest, this is why you should just not go grocery shopping.  Disasters will occur.

“This suddenly got difficult!” UNDERSTATEMENT


And they all blush and bicker and it’s actually vaguely clever on accident because they make Doctor Daddy Dearest think they don’t know shit about shit but they really do.

I will not make a Doctor Who reference I will not make a Doctor Who reference

“All sorts of dimensions are just twisted together!” Mercury explains. Mercury has scienced the alternate dimension. I love her forever.

Here are the senshi here to save the day.  HOTARU TELLING THEM TO SAVE CHIBI-USA INSTEAD OF HER “I shouldn’t have ever been born anyway” oh my god baby


“It’ll break Chibi-Usa’s heart” oh my god

Jupiter saying like “this lady will find us a way back” patting Mercury on the shoulder with a jovial grin hell yeah she can she’s a brilliant genius.

Terrifying cards game Daimon.  Now we get to the game bit.

“I am a villain who loves peace… I love gambling.”  This Daimon is a creepy asshole.

“What kind of daimon are you?” ………..a furry SORRY

Welcome to the terrifying game room full of terrifying games I have distinct memories of this forever everyone is playing her and she’s a cheater and now they’re stuck in playing cards and what an asshole they’re trying so hard to win and doing well and it’s hilariously disastrous.

Chibi-Usa having to kneel on the chair so she’s tall enough oh my god.

Chibi-Usa fooling the Daimon with her overly misleading facial expressions.

Hotaru having to win the game that she was nervous earlier about not losing oh my god Hotaru baby you can do it you can do it I believe in you baby Hotaru.

Oh man I should’ve made this reference earlier. CHANGE THE RULES

“We all love you!” WE ALL LOVE YOU

Her happy face oh my god Chibi-Usa transforming in rage to blast the Daimon with her ineffective magic wand but instead it breaks Sailor Moon out of her glass card prison this is such things

I know how you could thank them you could unpossess your daughter by a demon

I should not have laughed at his evil monologue. BUT IT WAS FUNNY

“We’re an unstoppable team, aren’t we Hotaru?” FEELINGS BABIES

And now it’s dramas all of a sudden with the next episode.  Bad dreams and red lighting.

Okay, I know the Silence is a different thing here, but all I can think of is tally marks on arms.

Ami’s outfit makes zero sense I love it she’s dressed like Ferris Bueller’s mom.

Chibi-Usa glittering at the possibility of taking Hotaru to the planetarium.


Michiru sitting on the handrail of the bridge in her coat with her legs jauntily crossed like a sassy weatherwoman. Haruka with her slightly oversized blazer.

“We made the right choice to choose you” really Doctor Daddy Dearest

That’s not a heterosexual man

Baby Hotaru not having friends at school but there’s Chibi-Usa waiting for her to take her to the planetarium what cuties

“Chibi-Usa… okay, I’ll come,” Hotaru says, blushing with starry eyes.

Here’s Setsuna to tell them about what’s going on.  Finally.  Telling them about the Death Busters destroying the world, potentially, making Rei admit to her visions.

Because Saturn is the dangerous planet apparently and they have to not let her awaken but that’s fallacious because Hotaru is a precious angel who’s not going to destroy the world but we still have to worry because of plot.

This daimon has star-shaped pasties. FOR KIDS

Hotaru baby in the audience having “just the usual seizure” oh my god poor love.  Uranus telling Chibi-Usa to wait and see.

“You’ve disrupted that place of dreams.”

Hotaaaaaaru sweetie.

Useless Tuxedo Mask here to be useless.

Hotaru is definitely Sailor Saturn and everyone knows now and she’s glowing purple glaring death at the daimon baby girl

It’s playing wacky new music as the outers’ attacks aim at possessed Hotaru and Chibi-Usa ducks her out of the way.  “When Sailor Saturn awakens… it is the end of this world.”  The outers are here to make the hard choices with Hotaru, but then Hotaru’s body poofs as Chibi-Usa holds her fondly and she appears in bed.

Kaori is a creepy asshole.

So was the implication that Hotaru poofed herself away, or Kaori did?

I honestly don’t know and I’m not sure it actually matters, just that she was poofed?

–your fangirl heroines.


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