Marvel Monday :: three, nearly four weeks in.

19 Oct

We’re not doing this one in our usual pros/cons giant ramble format.  I personally have several reasons why: one, there are a lot of things that haven’t been conclusively established enough to analyze yet; two, I don’t want to analyze things prematurely and have to redact my statements later; three, there are a few things I desperately want for different reasons and saying them out loud on the internet might jinx it.  So here is a list of some thinking in no particular order.

10. Daisy (Chloe Bennet) has been correcting the hell out of anyone but told Jemma (Elizabeth Henstridge) that “[she] can call [her] whatever [she] wants.”
This is unbelievably important.  I’ve been practicing the art of Incredibly Low Standards and my Incredibly Low Standard for last week was that Daisy and Jemma would talk to each other.  Oh, did they talk.  Oh, was it important.  This following Daisy legitimately actually saving Jemma’s life in a way that nobody else could have done.  They continue to be everything.

9.  Lance Hunter (Nick Blood) is the biggest idiot.
This is self-explanatory.

8.  Lincoln aka Pikachu (Luke Mitchell) is also somewhat of an idiot.
Why is he screaming about I’M A MONSTER only now? Shouldn’t he a) have had a better grasp of his powers and b) already gone through the I’M A MONSTER stage of Inhuman development? Unless he was talking out his ass in Afterlife, which is entirely possible.

7.  Grant Ward (Brett Dalton) is the actual worst ever.
Also self-explanatory, but I will still add that I’ve seen posts on tumblr referencing him as being very dark comedy in many ways and I agree.  He’s so outrageously full of shit that sometimes I can’t help but laugh very nervously.  His entire being and organization and premise and existence is so outlandishly awful it’s almost hilarious.  In a strange way.

6.  I have a lot of feelings about the narrative weight of trauma recovery.
Jemma’s, which is only just being explored; Bobbi’s (Adrianne Palicki) which is fascinating to me from the flip side of the brain injury stuff with Fitz (Iain de Caestecker) last year because hey, I’ve been there, rehab really is the worst, it’s interesting she’s so interesting; the work that Daisy was trying to do with Joey (Juan Pablo Raba) as a representation of what she’s trying to do with Inhumans in general; the way that Coulson (Clark Gregg) has so incredibly been an ass about projecting his own trauma (which I do not dispute would be traumatic) on everyone else’s as if he’s trying to prove he won the trauma lottery; etcetera.

5.  Daisy and Mack (Henry Simmons) being buddies is the actual most important thing.
Both from just a friendship standpoint and a teammate standpoint and a “look at these awesome folks” standpoint and just every standpoint.

4.  Let’s just take a moment to make approving noises in the general direction of Melinda May (Ming-Na Wen).
We’ve all done this, yes?  Okay.  Good.  This needs doing.

3.  Coulson and Rosalind (Constance Zimmer) is… a thing.
It sure is.  This is not to say that I actually have emotional reactions to it, but my goodness.  It’s the most obvious foe-yay.

2.  Jemma.
How many ways did the first episodes go out of the way to point out that the hell planet she was stuck on was death to all and had yielded no survivors.  But there is my girl there she is being traumatized but surviving and making it out and don’t give Fitz all the credit because maybe he put the puzzle together but Jemma kept herself alive for months and that’s incredible and I’m so proud of her.

1. Daisy.
It’s really interesting to see how far she’s come since the pilot, when she was on her own and not really interested in trusting anybody for longer than she needed to. And now she has her family and she’s working on trying to help others find theirs and it’s just…really nice.

–your fangirl heroines.


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