Whimsy Wednesday :: in which Japanese Clint Barton grows roses and Hotaru is an adorable baby bisexual.

14 Oct

“Roses have thorns, but they’re lovely and soothe the soul”

This is the cutesiest backpack store I have ever seen

OH HOTARU oh you sad sad baby princess.

Y’know, it’s kind of the Shilo Wallace thing of when everyone keeps saying to Hotaru “you’re not well” but she doesn’t actually have a diagnosis they share… suspicion

Ah yes the botanical gardens.  A popular recreational destination.

…who wins three-way rock paper scissors?

“I sense an immense evil aura around her,” Haruka says as she and the other two outers lurk on the girls’ play date.

Hahaha, I like the hastily fixed “Witches 4” sign.

That will get better as the season continues.

Holy shit that’s indeed SO MANY CHILDREN.

“That’s more than before.” hAHHAAHAHA

Luna’s hilarious “I am too a cat” meow.

I’m not sure how pushing someone over is fun, but okay.

Oh Hotaru, getting melancholy over all of the specially bred roses, wishing he would let them grow freely instead of meddling.

“I’m here with family.” “Your younger sisters?” “No. My future wife and daughter.” DUDE LOL YOU CAN’T JUST SAY THINGS LIKE THAT TO STRANGERS

“I’m going to stay with Hotaru,” says Chibi-Usa.  “I’m going home before anything happens,” frets Hotaru as the thunderstorm begins.  Emotions, thinks the girl writing this.

There is Hotaru!  Here to help the kindly gardener man protect his disease-resistant flowers.  Alas, Mimete is here to wreak havoc with a terrifying rose Daimon.

“You have no appreciation for flowers! People like you will ruin the world!”

I’m glad that Chibi-Usa’s transformation sequence right now is just she stands there and her clothes change in a swirl of hearts.

“Sassy little girl.”

“The rose attack is my special technique.  I don’t like cheap imitations.”  OH TUXEDO MASK

Pink Sugar Heart Attack actually worked for a minute!

OH MY GOD “rose hug!”

Yellow is not the color of jealousy, rose Daimon.  You are wrong about this.

Actually, it is in Germany! And France…and the US. Which I have never heard of, but okay?

I thought it was green????

The internet says this, so y’know, it may or may not be legit.

Hotaru’s magic powers explode the roots.  Sailor Moon moves in for the kill.

Pluto and Uranus and Neptune appear literally just to observe from a doorway.




Mamoru why are you telling this story about the outers.

Artemis is emoting.

Mimete and the other sexy evil doctors are playing twister and I’m not sure why.

Doctor Daddy Dearest is creepin.’

Oh Hotaru in your sad dark room full of lamps fantasizing about a track athlete. Who is of course also the latest target.  Like her, he was ill as a child, and she has feelings.  That make her blush.

Kaori is here to creep and be a jerk.

“There’s something wrong with you, Kaori.”  “Perhaps there’s something wrong with you…” NOT COOL KAORI DON’T GASLIGHT THE BABY

Hotaru goes to the Tsukino house and watches Usagi and Chibi-Usa fighting with first horror and then happiness, “sens[ing] a lot of kindness in this house” oh what a cutie.

“I never expected there would be someone who would get in the way” because your other plans have gone off so without a hitch???

The whistle-blowing guards are chasing Usagi and Hotaru as they pursue Hotaru’s dream of giving the track man a letter.

“There’s no need to chase down such cute girls like us!”

HOTARU BABY tiny bisexual baby

Chibiusa being a cheerleader for Hotaru is adorable holy shit

Hotaru is getting embarrassed tiny baby

Whaaaaaaat the tits is that

A very fast… pointy… snail lady?

Who created a fire that destroys Hotaru’s letter poor princess.

“Scary!  Scary!  Way too scary!”

The Daimon stops to talk to Hotaru and Hotaru blasts the demon’s snail shell right the fuck off and her in it.  Michiru and Haruka and Setsuna are wary.

But bonus for Hotaru, the track star is here to talk to her after she’s waking up from passing out.  “I see you’re sickly…” lol man.  Touching her shoulder offering reassuring words.

–your fangirl heroines


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