Sundry Sunday :: more modern Goofus and Gallant adventures

11 Oct

On the subject of social interactions with women.

Goofus assumes every girl standing by herself will be interested in his company.
Gallant doesn’t assume that anyone will want to talk to him, unless they initiate the interaction.

Goofus expects women to laugh at his sexist jokes.
Gallant doesn’t make sexist jokes.

Goofus thinks girls should be flattered when someone hits on them unsolicited.
Gallant speaks up when he sees that someone’s making a girl uncomfortable.

Goofus can’t imagine why another guy wouldn’t want a woman’s attention.
Gallant is supportive of his male friends who have been harassed or stalked by women, or who just don’t want a particular woman hitting on them.

Goofus pretends like he can’t understand soft nos and ignores when women explicitly tell him to leave them alone.
Gallant will listen to both versions of no and makes sure that other guys in his social circle do too.

–your fangirl heroines.

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