Music Monday :: my thoughts on This Is War

5 Oct

Hi, Emily Kinney!  I’m glad I stopped watching The Walking Dead before I had to see whatever happened to Beth.

“This Is War.”  Strummy indie folk pop about a shitty snobby ex that she may… be interested in still, in a way.  Repeatedly singing “bang bang bang bang pow pow pow pow” oh my god she’s seriously the cutest.

“Birthday Cake.”  There’s something very Ingrid Michaelson about this.  It’s kind of schmaltzy but I’m okay with it because it’s also so adorable.

“Mess.”  I’m not having a lot of revelations thus far but this is adorable.  I really enjoy her voice, it does interesting things and is very clear and sweet.  I also appreciate that so far she’s mostly been saying “you” but not gendering that “you.”

“Berkeley’s Breathing.”  And just as I finish that thought she says “boy.”  Oh well.  This is continuing to be sweet and plaintive.

“Michael.”  “If there is such a thing as magic human souls” oh that’s sweet.  This is very… genuine.  That’s a good word for it.

“Never Leave LA.”  This is almost enchantingly cute.  It’s just lulling me into happiness.

“Crash and Burn.”  More charm.  This is very charming.  I’m saying nothing articulately but “you’re a top back shelf late-expired lover” that’s so adorable.

“Molly.”  “Never thought you were the type to understudy” oh my god that’s the perfect way to put it.  This is almost Josie and the Pussycats.

“Last Chance.”  Gosh this is kind of an angry song but it’s really sweet at the same time.  “When the world is on fire but your heart is on ice it’s hard to know what’s wrong and what’s right” that’s a pretty.

“Weapons.”  There’s a theme here.  This is lovely.  I’m sorry this review is so inarticulate.

–your fangirl heroine.


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