Fashion Friday :: my bitterness can only be fixed by one thing.

25 Sep

And that is the writers getting off their asses and actually doing Dorne justice in the seasons to come.  I had a hard time deciding which of the Sand Snakes to start with, but I chose Nym (Jessica Henwick) because she’s the one who didn’t really even have a solo monologue and that’s dumb.  Also I have the biggest crush on her.

Hipster Nym probably does roller derby or something.  She does derby and then kicks people’s asses at the afterparty if they get too close, all the while looking sort of mod and precious.  Which Sway to the Party Dress, ModCloth.

But, because she plans for the ass-kicking, she’s well-equipped with leggings.  Simple and Sleek Leggings in Mocha, ModCloth.

But, because she’s the most glam badass, she knows how to do that ass-kicking in heels.  Landslide Victorian Boot, ModCloth.

And is this not the hottest bracelet you have ever seen for the most gorgeous daughter of Dorne (except Arianne is probably more of a beauty queen bombshell but it’s not either thing is better it’s just different kinds of gorgeous).  Snake leather bracelet by Tximeleta Creations at Etsy.

–your fangirl heroine.


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