Theatre Thursday :: so I’m listening to the cast album of Hamilton.

24 Sep

It’s streaming on NPR, but I’m not planning on liveblogging it song by song.  It’s overall longer than two hours long.  I’m just letting this be experienced.

Because oh my god so a few months ago when my best guy friend was home from New York where he now lives he told me that hey, there’s a new musical that Lin-Manuel Miranda is writing that’s about Alexander Hamilton.  Check out this video on YouTube!  And it’s a completely cracked-out idea on one hand.  I mean, Alexander Hamilton?  Really.  But on the other hand, I trust Lin-Manuel Miranda a lot.  I’ve only seen In the Heights once and it’s been years since I even listened to it the whole way through, but I loved it.  Love it.  It’s touching and beautiful and so interesting.

So I’m excited about Hamilton and it’s thrilling to me to actually feel excited about new musicals again.  I haven’t really done that in a while.  And I mean, I was thrilled about Jasper in Deadland I adored it, I’m super excited about Fun Home (I still haven’t listened to that the whole way because I want to set aside time in case it wrecks me) too, so I feel like we may be tiptoeing into more seasons of things I actually want to travel to New York for.  (Whether or not I’m able to is another question, but the drive is the point.)

And this is so cool.  And oh my god Jonathan Groff.  He’s the sweetest man, have I told you guys that?  I can’t tell you enough.  This is amazing.  All of this is amazing.  The girls!  All of them.  And it’s so rousing and enthusiastic and that’s wonderful.

Oh my goodness.  I’m feeling things suddenly.  “Satisfied.”  That’s fascinating.


This is the best way to recount history.

Also, Eliza Schuyler Hamilton sounds like a badass.

–your fangirl heroine.


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