Sundry Sunday :: both days of this Comic Con.

20 Sep

So I didn’t bother posting last night because we were engaged in an impromptu “crafts for Elizabeth Henstridge” session.  Brett Dalton’s table was covered in crafts like SWWers had been making offerings to their smug-faced god and hers looked more empty, so we had to fix it.  I’m starting this post with the Elizabeth Henstridge story because it was incredibly important and my highlight, though it was today so it wasn’t chronologically primary.  She’s the sweetest woman, just so adorable and generous with her time and warm words: I babbled a whole slew of feelings at her about why Jemma is so important to me and in return received some advice that I’ll admit got me a bit choked up in a positive way, we flaunted our Skimmons and in return received smiles and support.  She noticed our details (which you’ll see in a moment, the new ones) and she even noticed my imitation necklace (I asked a question about costumes at the panel yesterday, so that made me happy).  And she received many gifts: the adorable felt doll that my drift partner and other friend made as they make for all the celebrities, the adorable Perler bead doll that our other friend made last night in the crafts session, an anime/Big Eyes-style portrait of her threatening to murder Ward and a cartoon of her in the TARDIS made by me and my drift partner respectively last night, the flower crown of blue roses (blue because it’s the only color she wore all season, roses because of the necklace) that I made her (because Chloe got one she should too).  She’s an absolutely lovely person and I have nothing but good things to say about her, and damned if her voice isn’t the prettiest thing to listen to.

Anyway.  Onto the con itself.

Yesterday my drift partner was a Red Lantern and our other friend was an Orange Lantern (both dresses made by her).  These are fueled by, respectively, rage and greed.  Comics.

Yesterday my everything friend and I were steampunk Ramona Flowers and Kim Pine (her costume compiled, I believe; my dress made by my mother, bracelets and hairbow i.e. the steampunky bits made mostly by me).  And you’d better believe I was fidgeting with the drumsticks allllll afternoon.

Yesterday other friend was Todd Ingram, though not steampunk.

She also met him, him being Brandon Routh, and he was a lovely gentleman.  We all met him; here is a link to his tweet with his picture with the others and their dolls.

Also, here is a picture of things that people gave Brett Dalton.  The majority of it is uncomfortable; the shot doll is from them and plays “mmm whatcha say” when you squeeze its head; the lizards are from me.  For reasons.

Then today, drift partner and I were as mentioned Skimmons.  Specifically 2.20 “Scars” Skimmons, when Jemma gives Skye the hula doll she rescued out of the Bus before it exploded because feelings feelings Jemma doesn’t really know where she stands with Skye anymore because of everything that’s happened but she still cares about her enough to go find Skye’s seemingly arbitrary personal artifact when they’re about to exit the plane they lived on before it explodes and she stammers over her words because it’s so terribly important and it’s so feelings it’s the greatest scene we are impressed see?

We also ran into a good bunch of fellow MCU people.  Well, first I saw the Bobbi and promptly lost it with joy and hurried over.  After also babbling at her we took pictures.  Here there is a Sailor Hawkeye (that whole group in a moment), movie Hawkeye, comics Natasha, comics Hawkeye, Raina, beautiful Bobbi, us, and military Peggy.  (Alas, we did not run into the Grant Ward we mistakenly cheered at the day before because he looked like a random SHIELD agent, but much like canon he replied with a “Hail Hydra” and we all yelled NOPE at him and if we found him again today we were going to politely request to take a picture doing him damage.  I had a tiny gun, because Jemma can use those now, and drift partner borrowed one of the Bucky guns.)  Because other friends repeated their Bucky and Han Solo costumes.

These are the Sailor Avengers.  (There was also a Sailor Spider-[man], I believe.)  This is completely 100% my jam and I also lost it for them.

Sailors Uranus and Neptune otherwise known as IMPORTANT and BEAUTIFUL.

Cheedo and Dag otherwise known as IMPORTANT and BEAUTIFUL

Steampunk Alice, which I always approve of.

Didn’t actually see too too many Game of Thrones folks this weekend, but here’s a Margaery.

Tadashi!!!  Important because Tadashi and also because I like to represent for my fellow subtle cosplayers.

Pinup Storm, which is just gorgeous she’s gorgeous.

Brett and Elizabeth’s panel was… shall we say, interesting.  Some of the things Brett said made me laugh hysterically though they weren’t funny in the traditional sense, more the ironic sense; Elizabeth is very sweet and charming and diplomatic.  There were far too many SkyeWard people in the audience and too many romantic FitzSimmons people for my liking, but there were a few bursts of applause when I name-dropped Skimmons.

Yes.  Overall, a success.

–your fangirl heroine.


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