Fashion Friday :: fixing it.

11 Sep

So we all know how furious I am about what happened with Sansa (Sophie Turner).  And we all know how furious I was about Surprise Maleficent Sansa at last season’s end, but honestly, doing Dark Femme baby girl is preferable to what I did with her season 3 wedding dress taking back a moment.  I utterly hated that wedding dress.  One: white has not actually been previously established as matrimonial in Westeros (other wedding dresses have been pale blue, gold, pale blue) and it seemed out of place in dark-tones Winterfell.  Two: it looks like a damn Civil War reenactment dress.  And the holiday Barbies and their tree ornament counterparts.  Three: I hate what it stands for.  So even though I also hate Sansa’s necklace in the above picture, hate it a lot (it’s also inconsistent with Westeros because it looks very plastic and like they just took an overlarge belt buckle from JoAnn and added chain to it) it’s the lesser of two evils.

So.  Dark Femme Sansa.  She’s having a moment.

I’m also straying from the more A-line theme of Sansa’s usual styling posts for this one.  She’s feeling dark and dangerous and vintage and wouldn’t it have been nicer if she took that corkscrew and “[Ramsay] ran into my corkscrew.  He ran into it ten times.”  Also, it has your damn feathers, are you happy Maleficent stylers.  A Charleston of Style Dress, ModCloth.

Dark Femme Flapper Sansa can also sit in on your board meetings with ease.  What board is that?  I don’t really know, but baby is getting much better at taking things apart analytically.  Also, QUEEN IN THE NORTH QUEEN IN THE NORTH.  Fine and Sandy Blazer in Black Velvet, ModCloth.

Texture on texture on texture and I’m loving every minute.  Adored Evermore Tights, ModCloth.

Sansa is taller than both of her husbands and SHE REVELS IN IT.  Zesty and I Know It Heel in Ink, ModCloth.

You want a needle necklace?  Here is a needle necklace.  Here is a needle necklace that doesn’t look like craftsy nonsense.  Key to Simplicity Necklace in Silver, ModCloth.

And here’s a bag for her to carry as she gets the fuck out.  Trusty and True Bag, ModCloth.

–your fangirl heroine.


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