Fashion Friday :: sweet baby princess the second.

4 Sep

myrcella baratheon (nell tiger free)

Sweet baby Myrcella (Nell Tiger Free) who grew up into a little princess full of body positivity and well-placed deadpan stares, who might have been the only person in Westeros who still saw the best of things most of the time, who was a sweet silly teenage girl but lest we forget that it’s stated in the books that she’s cleverer than Tommen and kinder than Joffrey and a more fit ruler than either and dear darling princess I’m sorry.

So okay.  I was kind of hoping to find something that did the same style neck/shoulders as Cella’s Dornish gowns, but this is pretty good too.  It’s got the Westerosi halter silhouette, and it’s all blushy pink with gold lace detailing, and honestly, Cella in my imagined modern iteration is the femme “1950s aesthetic = good, 1950s = bad” baby feminist that pulls this off. Eloquent Admirer Dress, ModCloth.

They kind of fill out the “I dress like baby Betty Draper but I sass like Sally” vibe.  Fine Dining Heel in Gold, ModCloth.

It’s big and it’s somewhat cutesy.  Good enough.  Vintage Cuff Stuff Bracelet, ModCloth.

And being a Lannister didn’t exactly do shit for Cella, so here’s a non-lion-related necklace!  My Very Own Hyperbole Necklace, ModCloth.

–your fangirl heroine.


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