Whimsy Wednesday :: in which Haruka and Michiru are life goals and also there is noteworthy teamwork.

2 Sep

“Please be good to me.”  Well, you did go evil and sexy last time you trained here, Chibiusa, so this is reasonable.

This is another one of my favorite of Ami’s outfits, too.  She looks like she’s going sailing in the 1960s.  Also, Mako has thigh-high stockings and I approve of that too.

“A valuable acquaintance!” That’s, uh. Definitely what I called boys?

Especially boys who dance around and grind their hips at you despite your being ten years old.


This pantsing did not happen in my dub I grew up with I swear.

“SO CUTE!” read the characters surrounding Chibiusa’s head as she stares after a passerby.

HAURKA AND MICHIRU IN KIMONOS WALKING UP “You’re lovely like Mommy and Daddy” Chibiusa declares with a blush, prompting Usagi to remind Chibiusa that Haruka is in fact a girl.

And they’re going for a formal tea session with the exact source of Chibiusa’s earlier fantasy.

Meanwhile, Doctor Daddy Dearest is having a tea ceremony of his own to……. throw things against the wall and yell.

Colored pencil illustrations highlight the indecorousness of Chibiusa’s behavior compared to the complete classiness of Michiru and Haruka’s.  Because they are the epitomes of class.  Michiru even has more than one hairdo.  That’s how you know she’s fancy.

Well, NO ONE could have predicted that!

Why am I getting the ever-growing sense that Michiru is what I want to be when I grow up?

“I was embarrassed in front of Haruka and Michiru too.”  Paralleling her embarrassment in front of them to Chibiusa’s embarrassment in front of the boy she has a crush on.  Well then.

Eudial drives like Zoe Bell on crack.

And also really likes dramatically whipping off her lab coat.  She’s very good at it.

Another benefit of Uranus and Neptune: they have attack music that’s all electric orchestral, not the damn Love Boat.

Yeah, actually, I would love for Lindsey Stirling to cover that.

The Daimon sipping tea while Pink Sugar Heart Attack fails until she gets closer.

“Allow me to show my hospitality!”

I’m not sure Tuxedo Mask is ever not going to be hilarious to me.

He is completely useless at least 90% of the time, so

“So…cool…” I SEE

Mako training in the mountains, because that’s the kind of person Mako is.

Man, the Witches 5 sure do a lot of sciencing.

A mirror a sword or a jewel there is nothing at ALL recognizable about at least one of those items there is no dramatic irony impending.  Nope!  And the Holy Grail sure doesn’t have a moon and wings on it.

Why is Mamoru working at a resort hotel?  What is he doing there?  Is this a super-temporary job that only lasts a week or two?

“As long as I can study I don’t mind!”  AMI

When even Mako is embarrassed with romance talk you know it’s crossing some line.

Also I feel like running around a mountain 50 times a day is not possible?

Ami studying in bed bless.  The others trying to girl-talk Mako into discussing her desire to train and starting a pillow fight that even Ami gets brought in on by accident bless.

She blushes, having brought a bathing suit also.  Hers looks like Minnie Mouse.  Ami is so stylish in her way.

Oh look a passel of dudebros eyeing the girls at the pool, distracted by someone else elsewhere SURPRISE IT IS HARUKA AND MICHIRU HOLY SHIT MICHIRU’S SWIMSUIT IS SO PRETTY

Minako agrees.  Michiru compliments everyone else’s too.


Also, should they have been having breakfast by a pool they were considering going in?

I still don’t understand Jupiter’s transformation end-pose.  I really don’t.  She’s chiding someone with her right hand and growling with her left?

“She sure is a slippery one,” Uranus observes, watching Eudial drive off.  That’s a very strange observation, contexually?

Also this monster looks like a reject Adventure Time character, I just realized.

Sailor Jupiter did it!!!

–your fangirl heroines.


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