Television Tuesday :: Look How Alive [a fanmix]

1 Sep

1. Help I’m Alive (Metric)
If we’re still alive my regrets are few. If my life is mine what shouldn’t I do? I get wherever I’m going, I get whatever I need while my blood’s still flowing and my heart’s still beating like a hammer, beating like a hammer.

2. Gonna Get Over You (Sara Bareilles)
And I’m not the girl that I intend to be, I dare you darling, just you wait and see, but this time not for you but just for me.

3. Youth Knows No Pain (Lykke Li)
Mighty youth, here and now. So come on honey cut yourself to pieces, come on honey give yourself completely. And do it all though you can’t believe it, youth knows no pain, youth knows no pain.

4. Solitaire (Marina and the Diamonds)
Hard like a rock, cold like stone, white like a diamond, black like coal. Cut like a jewel, yeah I repair myself when you’re not there.

5. Mightier Than the Sword (The Mynabirds)
Love who you love, no matter what, no matter how hard it may come and I promise you’ll be loved, my love, no matter what. You’re mightier than their sword sharp tongues. Oh I promise you are loved, yes I promise you are loved so don’t give up. When you forget the words I will sing them for you.

6. Maiden (MØ)
My desire is ravaging in me like a warrior’s blade, proud and fine, let victory be mine. What if I choose to tear down the wall? And take you in my arms, sweet sunbeam, though I’m not perfect at all.

7. Wildewoman (Lucius)
She’s gonna find another way back home. It’s written in her blood, oh it’s written in her bones. Yeah, she’s ripping out the pages in your book. She’s gonna find another way back home. It’s written in her blood, oh it’s written in her bones. Yeah, she’ll only be bound by the things she chooses

8. Rescue (Yuna)
She thinks she’s all alone and all her hopes are gone and so I wrote this song so she can move along. Things were bad. She was in despair. Things were bad and you were never there, but things were bad, she came up for air. She said a little prayer, she found herself. Yeah she’s got light in her face, she don’t need no rescuing she’s okay.

9. Birthday (The Bird and the Bee)
Hold on, hold on, doing the best we can. I will love you on your birthday, I will love you better than them.

10. Riot Rhythm (Sleigh Bells)
You’ve got a smart best friend and she’s OK, have you ever felt that way. Straight A kids like a treat, she stands up and takes the heat. Dear heart, don’t stop fighting, prepare, ride the lightning, it’s like heart-heart-heartbeat, just like banging rhythm.

11. Alive Tonight (Grace Potter)
Nobody knows what will come tomorrow, nobody knows ’til the lights go out. Nobody knows who to fight or follow, there’s only one thing I know right now. We are, we are, we are alive tonight, yeah. We are, we are, we are alive tonight.

Look How Alive at 8tracks.

–your fangirl heroine.


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