Music Monday :: my thoughts on Over and Even

31 Aug

No idea, but lady folk I’m here.

“Brighter Than the Blues.”  This is so standard twang but I mean that in a nice way.  She’s got a 1970s sort of voice, not the rawer-edged 2000s+ twang folk voices I’m used to.  This is the stuff of movies in a sepia tone.

“Stay On My Shore.”  Oh there’s a man singing too.  This sounds like very, very classic folk stuff.  It’s not exactly what pushes my buttons but it’s very pleasant on the ears.

“Over and Even.”  More of that same.  The guitar feels a little more modern somehow.  This is very lulling, trancey almost.  It’s soothing.

“Not Over By Half.”  “It’s a tame world would leave you unbroken.”  “Lady oh mother bring your garden to me.”  This is pretty.

“Ariadne’s Gone.”  Oh oh that’s nice, I do love me some mythological references.  “Pulled from the air of the words that you give if you’re willing” oh what a nice.  These are very nice lullabies.

“No More Shelter.”  Gosh I have nothing to say about this album that’s deep but it’s pretty.  It’s very good falling asleep while on an airplane or train or something music.  Comforting.

“Easy Now.”  I’m curled up in bed in a slightly awkward position that’s really comfortable actually my body is a bit sore, and this is really nice background noise for that.

“Lure and Line.”  This is that folksy thing of singing in a high pitch that sort of honeys vowels so that you can’t always tell what some words are but it’s very nice.

“Jenny Come In.”  “When she returns the things that she’s borrowed, coming to see what was made and what broke” this is pretty.  This sounds very Down Home.

“Wine and Honey.”  There’s something very comforting and casual about this.  I don’t know if I talk enough about liking listening to guitar melody but I really do.

“My Only Trouble.”  Aw, this sounds like it should be an actual old folk song that you sing around campfires.

“Subtle Love.”  Sorry, Joan Shelley, I haven’t had articulate thoughts, but I’ve been very calmed.

–your fangirl heroine.

that'll be good for a laugh


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