Fashion Friday :: it’s probably time to get this started again.

28 Aug

And by “get this started” I mean the season five Game of Thrones hipsterstyling.  Man, you know who I really miss already and I can’t say this enough? It’s Shireen (Kerry Ingram).

shireen baratheon (kerry ingram)

Tiny hipster Shilo Wallace Shireen is also getting a touch of Skye this year because… of reasons.  I have a whole Game of Thrones/MCU analogue set, which actually made both the back half of SHIELD season two and this season of Game of Thrones especially interesting.  (It doesn’t always line up with how I’ve sorted the mains into great houses but whatever.)  But yeah.

visibility oak jacket in charcoal (modcloth)

This Skye business is why this year baby Shireen gets a leather jacket.  I kind of hate the terrible faux-sheep blanket cloak she spent so long wearing in this her final season, so this is karmically making up for it.  Visibility Oak Jacket in Charcoal, ModCloth.

expression of elegance dress in noir (modcloth)

Dear god it’s like they knew what I was looking for.  Expression of Elegance Dress in Noir, ModCloth.

city adventure crushed velvet leggings in black (modcloth)

So I actually saw another picture (that I did not link because it was someone’s tumblr edit) that confirms that Shireen is wearing stockings and flats, somewhat in this vein) but Skye-Shilo-Shireen… she needs something a little punkier.  Which is why these.  City Adventure Crushed Velvet Leggings in Black, ModCloth.

trendsetting the stage boots in black (modcloth)

And these.  Trendsetting the Stage Boot in Black, ModCloth.

book necklace (etsy)

No more deer jewelry for Shireen.  Family ties, in her case, suck.  So here’s a book necklace by LeBuaJewelry at Etsy.

–your fangirl heroine.

very excite


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