Whimsy Wednesday :: in which there is much drama and also the weirdest monster.

26 Aug

So much dramas from the cliffhanger oh my

Final showdowns.  A lot of the middle-bads have a taste for those.  They’re not going to work.


You know how hot it is when Haruka and Michiru just drive up it’s pretty damn hot.  Oh dear now Haruka and Michiru are getting existential.  “Those people will probably want to keep you safe..” eh something like even at the expense of their own life.  USAGI REALIZES THEY ARE URANUS AND NEPTUNE DEFINITIVELY TOOK YOU LONG ENOUGH


“Is it all right to ignore the people being sacrificed?” Usagi cries.

Sometimes this show reminds me of Avatar, and this is one of those times.

“Now get in the elevator…. I’ll send you straight to heaven.”  Meant as a threat.  Sounds… like bad porn dialogue instead.  Oops.

Something something powerful energy barrier.  “Let’s use the stairs.”  “That sounds like a better idea.”  Bless bless Mercury.


“It seems its brightness is an indicator of purity…” ‘It looks like we went through all this trouble for nothing.”  As Haruka smiles softly and sappy music plays.  Dear. God.  “You saved me.”  “Thank goodness.”  It’s a good thing we’re not drinking tonight because oh my god I’d be drunk already.

And then…

Sailor Venus is dressed up as “Sailor Moon” and it’s a hilarious comedy of errors where they all pretend and blush.  Uranus and Neptune try to duck out but Sexy Doctor Melisandre blows out the windows and even that doesn’t work truly.

“If you insist on settling things here…” “Then we accept your challenge.”  SO HOT

Boy that looked…hARMful………..

You’re the actual cutest.

The Daimon is so confused

Sailor Moon lobbying desperately for helping Uranus and Neptune oh gosh as Kaolinite fights them with her hair.

“I won’t let you blow up this tower that delivers fun TV shows to living rooms across the country.”  Yes, that’s the priority.

“In the name of the viewers, I punish you!” can we set her on Jack Kenny please

Man oh man a combined attack can’t even stop Sexy Doctor Melisandre.  Only the Sailor Planet Attack!

Or Tuxedo Mask, apparently.


Uranus’ face wibbling as she recalls Usagi’s selfless monologue and she attacks once more, somehow reversing the effects of Kaolinite’s ice crystals and backfiring them on herself so she falls to her death.

Ah so Doctor Daddy Dearest summons the first of the Witches 5, Eudial.

Chibiusa returns just in time for a new middle-bad!  Doctor Daddy Dearest doesn’t have the same weird sexual tension with all of the Witches 5, and Eudial is in that category, I think?  If I recall?  She’s using techy science to find targets.  This is probably more effective than just riding around on the train waiting for one to happen by.  There is also a new techy science process to making Daimons.  And distributing them.  My.

Rei canceled the session to have coffee with the pure heart target.

“Who was it that was so sure she was on a date?” WELP


Why does it keep closeupping on liquid on a straw wrapper?

“Well, there is one taiko you can play.”  That also sounds like an innuendo.  But it’s actually the girls volunteering at the goldfish booth.  Adorable.  Also Minako’s hair is adorable.

Romantic music and flower petals for Michiru and Haruka at the festival these beautiful beautiful cartoon hotties.

Even their goldfish scooping turns to colored pencils.  Haruka calls the fish cute and Michiru comments on this and Haruka is like “Jealous?” “Maybe.”  DEAR GOD

I know I look like I’m just popping in to comment on gay things but…no I am though. GAAAAAAYYYYYYY

Rei is so worried about the one-off drummer overworking herself perfectionistically it’s sweet it really is.

“The data says the target is around here.”  Adorable.  The Witches 5, the sexy evil doctors.  With data and glasses.

Weird… sexy drum monster?

Well this is one of the dumber monsters.

But luckily, Uranus and Neptune are here to… sass Eudial, mostly.

“Aren’t we helping them today?”  “Sometimes they have to do it for themselves,” Uranus says as she watches Sailors Mars and Moon jump up and down.

“Start with her first!” oh my god Usagi

Sailor Chibi Moon is here to fix things with her Pink Sugar Heart Attack that has the twee-est music you’ve ever heard.  Because it is the twee-est attack that’s ever been invented.  And is currently giving Soiya a thorough spanking?


“We don’t look anything alike!!!!!” Sure, Jan.

So Chibi-Usa is here to train in the 20th century.  And is only a few episodes away from her own first love affair.

–your fangirl heroines.


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