Whimsy Wednesday :: in which there is too much hetero again and then there is quite a lot of gay.

19 Aug

Same drinking rules! They are very effective.

Matching couples’ outfits. Is that…


Minako is surrounded by constant reminders of heterosexual adolescent love and she is annoyed by it.

This episode is going to be outrageously heterosexual isn’t it.

Nobody ever stares at their hair in the mirror on this show unless they’re moping.

Also, why is the floor in Doctor Daddy Dearest’s lab covered in smoke?

This is too much hetero, I might need to defensive drink.

Next time two women talk to each other for any reason we can drink.  That seems a compromise.

Oh my god Minako saying she’s a bad girl in the third person to Professor Ami this is so worth a drink though.

Oh good here’s Haruka to queer it all up.

“Do you have a boyfriend?”  “I explained that before.”  Not well, apparently.

“What type of person would a racing prodigy like you go for?” WELL

“I am who I am.  That’s how I feel.”  Oh Haruka.  Oh Haruka I am fonder of you with every episode.  And you and Michiru ominously posing.

Does this Asai… go to classes?  Or does he just serve volleyballs all day long?


They have managed to find an incredible amount of things to turn into breasts.

“Allow me to punish you with love!”


“You only live once! Live life to the fullest!” Uh, thanks?

All the senshi here to play volleyball with Asai’s pure heart my goodness

Asai recognizes Sailor Venus as being Minako because of her volleyball skills.  Because the hair and face didn’t give it away.  (Their faces are actually more different than you might think initially.  All of their eyes are drawn a little differently, for one, not just the size differences for inner/outer senshi.)

Artemis you giant doof showing up with roses asking Minako to be his date tonight to cheer her up despite being a cat

They are being so cold because exams, silly.  Or possibly a surprise party later, I don’t remember.

My experience with children’s television tells me surprise party.

Why do you expect your college-age boyfriend to buy you probably very expensive glass slippers that is not practical.

Oh here are Haruka and Michiru to cheer Usagi up it’s about to be much less straight.

“He’s no boyfriend of mine anymore.”  “Does that mean I have a chance now?” “Knock it off, Haruka.”  Oh my god.

Surprise party!!!  Surprise party!!! Gift of test question book Ami you’re adorable.

“Did you tell him when your birthday was?” they ask Usagi, regarding Mamoru.  This is a pre-Facebook story.  Clearly.


This Daimon has a funny squeaky voice.  And just punched Mamoru in the dick.

“You were going to hit me with that? How dangerous!” yes………that would be the point…….

“You look like you wouldn’t know what to do if she did have one.”

Tuxedo Kamen’s rose distracts the Daimon, sends Usagi’s pure heart crystal back into her body, and breaks the glass window.  That’s one powerful rose.  But hey, that saved Uranus from having to do something she didn’t want to.

Aw shit Kaolinite has the Sailor Moon brooch.

The other three lament their lack of boyfriend.  Ami laments a difficult formula in a book.  Ami is my girl.

Let me have your pure heart.  Otherwise I destroy your jewelry that you can’t use if you’re dead because you don’t have a pure heart crystal anymore.  Logic.

That was a pretty hack job, Mamoru.


–your fangirl heroines.

try again


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