Music Monday :: my thoughts on Marian Call Sings the Classics, Vol. II

17 Aug

Marian Call is my drift partner’s number one jam, so here I am.  We’ve gone to her both at Emerald City a couple years running now and she seems like a neat lady, and I like what of her stuff I know, which is an ever-increasing amount.

“Sensitive to Bees.”  I don’t get this joke, and neither does she, but all right.  It’s amusing in its way.

“Rainbow Connection.”  Oh!  This version of the song actually… sort of… does something different with it!  I’ve heard covers of this song before (Me First and the Gimme Gimmes doing it punk, etc.) but this is much more interesting and I actually am into it and am not rolling my eyes like I usually do at this song.

“All I Want.”  Do I know this song?  Cover albums are always a fun game of do I know this song or not.  I don’t think I do.  It’s cute, though.  This is cute.

“Conjunction Junction.”  This is grammar humor and I approve.  I actually never watched Schoolhouse Rock as a child, but I did prop-build for an amateur production of the junior version of the stage show once, so I know someo of the tunes.

“Butts.”  I don’t get it.  Okay.

“Birdhouse in Your Soul.”  I am pretty sure I don’t know this song already either.  It’s very cute also, though.

“Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.”  When I was in first grade, we were allowed to choose our own ten-word spelling list for the week.  I chose this word because I wanted to choose the hardest word I could think of.  Being a child, this was it.  That said, this is cute also.

“I’m Going to Go Back There Someday.”  Another one I don’t actually know but it’s pleasant.  More serious and less cute.  I feel like I should know this but I don’t and that’s going to bother me.  This is very good listening, though.

“Hovering Sombrero.”  Is this really a thing?  It’s cute but… is it really a thing?

“Sweet Baby James.”  Who is this singing now this is not Marian she is harmonizing all right.  Apparently this man is her father, that’s nice.

“Always Look on the Bright Side of Life.”  Ah yes, a song I am very familiar with.  Complete with chorus as per the usual.  She has a way of sounding unrealistically adorable to the point that it’s vaguely dangerous sometimes.

–your fangirl heroine.


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