Music Monday :: my thoughts on Midnight

10 Aug

A solo album by Grace Potter?  Sign me the hell up.

“Hot to the Touch.”  This sounds like a James Bond theme song.  The opening bars being one from the 60s, the following ones being one from now.  This is meant to be more electronic-pop than the & the Nocturnals stuff, and therefore I am fascinated.  The way Grace Potter sings makes electronic sound somehow more… epic, I guess?  That’s a good way to put it.  I am also hearing slight threads of “Paris (Ooh La La)” hanging out in here.

“Alive Tonight.”  This is very funky.  Also rousing.  Also I feel like a third in the Cookie Dough Queens series might be brewing, in part inspired by this: the aggressively happy fuck you canon edition.  “Nobody knows who to fight or follow, there’s only one thing I know right now.  We are, we are, we are alive tonight.”  Yes, I support this.

“Your Girl.”  All of these start out with some & the Nocturnals swagger to them, and this one has a bit more throughout than the first two.  There’s a very definite 1970s bit going on here.  It’s cute.

“Empty Heart.”  Twang/funk/I’m not sure?  This is super interesting though.  And suddenly there is gospel?  This song cannot decide what it is but it completely knows what it is.

“The Miner.”  Only Grace Potter could write a semi-pop song with the word “miner” involved.  Or not only, but she’s the more likely candidate.  “And my fingers trace the lines where I used to have a heart” aw baby.  This is a very solid resounding album and I am impressed if unsurprised because I expect good things from Grace Potter, really.

“Delirious.”  Now this is pure 1980s.  This is a pop song and is half-Sailor Moon music and I’m not having particularly deep reactions to it but it’s so cute.  Suddenly a lo-fi instrumental break?  My.

“Look What We’ve Become.”  Ahaha become I am laughing I do that now.  Also this is some “I Love Rock and Roll” shit up in here and I’m into it.  “And they always told us we would be nothing, look what we’ve become” oh my this is actually seriously great.  Whoo.  I’m just going to wrap myself in this for a while, I think.  This is so oh no “you’re not the chosen ones” oh dear.  This is excellent.

“Instigators.”  Suddenly 80s electronic again!  My my.  Also Runaways vibe here suddenly.  None of these songs can be content with just one vibe, it seems like.  That is not a complaint. It’s just interesting because there are like three different vibes all over the place and it somehow doesn’t seem disjointed?

“Biggest Fan.”  And now back to a more & the Nocturnals feeling, except her vocals are breathy-quieter atop the instrumentation and then it swells to a rousing chorus full of harmony and drumbeat and this is just so interesting the layers on top of layers.

“Low.”  There are cash-register jingles on top of guitar that sounds like I’m not even sure what and “sleeping under concrete skies” my goodness.  I’m kind of losing myself in this one I’m just trying to listen.  There’s lyrics and layers and this album is just so layered.

“Nobody’s Born With a Broken Heart.”  This one starts out gospelish and that’s cute.  It’s very nice, it’s ultimately a good message if not one I know what to do with.  This is a story song and I’m not sure I’m super into the message but it’s well done.

“Let You Go.”  We’re ending on… a ballad? A super-soulful ballad.  I’m good with this.

–your fangirl heroine.


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