Sundry Sunday :: modern Goofus and Gallant more.

9 Aug

At A Public Event!

Goofus makes bootleg recordings of performances.
Gallant encourages people to go see things live or listen to legally obtained recordings.

Goofus wears tall hats or other obstructing outfits and obstructs the view of the people behind him.
Gallant is careful to take his hat off when he enters the theater.

Goofus talks loudly, makes predictions, and whistles and cheers like he is at a sporting event.
Gallant whispers if he has to talk, avoids it if possible, and applauds politely.

Goofus barges in during performances.
Gallant is careful to arrive on time and return to his seat promptly at the end of intermission.

Goofus eats noisy snacks in the theater and leaves the wrappers under the seat.
Gallant gets snacks before or after the show and disposes of them properly.

–your fangirl heroines.


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