Things in Print Thursday :: 10 rules for high school literature class curriculum development

6 Aug
  1. Have a standard to include stories about nonwhite characters written by nonwhite authors in at least 1/3 of your year’s curriculum.
  2. In addition, try to include at least a few books about or featuring queer characters by queer authors.
  3. At least ½ of the books should have a protagonist that is not a cis male.
  4. Only one book out of the year can include extramarital affairs as a plot point.
  5. Only one book out of the year (preferably fewer than that) can include rape as a plot point.
  6. Only one book out of the year can include a murdered woman/women as a plot point.
  7. Try to minimize the number of books that are exclusively about male relationships.
  8. Please provide your students with subject-related trigger warnings for books.
  9. Be creative with the way you present Shakespeare; don’t just throw on the same old movie. Get your students involved by having them read the play out loud in class or experiment with blocking or staging options.
  10. Should a student not want to participate in out-loud reading for whatever reason, their grade should not be affected.

–your fangirl heroines.


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