Spoiler Alert Saturday :: my thoughts on Ant-Man

1 Aug
  • Peggy (Hayley Atwell) looking gorgeous in her age makeup that is chronologically too young for how old she’d be at that point but whatever.
  • At one point Scott (Paul Rudd) declares “I’m expendable!”  I actually snorted.
  • I saw a gif set of Christine Everhart (Leslie Bibb) doing the news that pertained to Ant-Man.  I was very upset that this was not actually in the film.
  • Hope (Evangeline Lilly) spent a majority of her screen time being sarcastic, rolling her eyes, criticizing the plan the boys came up with, and fighting dudes.  Mostly looking incredibly disdainful.  That was nice.
  • Hope kissing Scott… was less nice.
  • Hank (Michael Douglas) was less nice also.
  • Sam (Anthony Mackie) was nice though!  It was kind of lame that he lost their little fight, but his line about don’t tell Captain America about this was kind of cute.
  • Okay, so this story… kind of made sense to the overall scheme of the universe.  I guess.  Shocker, someone else thinks the Starks and the Avengers are jerks.  Ooohhhh.  Shocker, shady assholes do business with Hydra.  In my opinion the only essential thing in this movie was Hope, but, y’know, whatever.
  • The dialogue was sparse and not great, though.

–your fangirl heroine.


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