Music Monday :: my thoughts on Lovers Know

27 Jul

So I discovered the Mynabirds a few months ago via Spotify’s Recommended For You and I cannot get enough and therefore I am thrilled that they have this new album.

“All My Heart.”  “I don’t want half of anything, not a whitewashed love or heaven on a string.”  Gosh, I like Laura Burhenn’s voice.  I love how vintage this sounds but so new.  This is just really full and atmospheric and like a movie.

“Believer.”  Ooh creepy sparse electronica gimme.  I’m good for this.  “I don’t know what to say when you ask what’s in my heart these days.”  It’s like, electronica gothic.  Is that a thing?  I’m kind of spacing out on this because of mood reasons.

“Semantics.”  All right, this one has been released on their Spotify for a while and I enjoy it and it sounds like movies where the titles are in neon letters over a sunset sky.  It’s happier than the last, I think.  More like, 80s noir happy endings.  That’s a nice thought.  This isn’t even a particularly happy song (“you say you always feel half empty” etcetera) but happy endings seem important right now.

“Say Something.”  Ooh, ominous doom chords and sparse-sounding noise vocalizations.  I’m into this too.  This is not at all ominous doom elsewhere but it’s cute so I can get with that in a different way.  “It’s been a long time up in the air, it’s been a long time waiting, say what’s on your mind.”  I like that this is clear enough that I can pick up lyrics pretty much everywhere.

“Orion.”  Appropriately spacey 80s guitar.  I’m all over it.  This is the kind of record, I think, where the songs don’t necessarily stand out on first listen but it’s just so solid and good and all of it sounds like it could be in a really solid sort of indie movie.

“Velveteen.”  “Baby, go easy on me; I’m fragile as fragile can be.”  “Am I real yet, real yet?”  Oh gosh, this is so kind of creepy, with its oohs and ahs and I’m feeling a lot of things I don’t think I was supposed to be feeling.

“Shake Your Head Yes.”  “Have I won the West?  It’s anybody’s guess.”  This one is more electronic-driven and skippy and spare.  “You ask me how I am, I’m never satisfied.”  This all feels very ambient and appropriate.

“Wildfire.”  Ah, a word I am quite fond of.  And I’m into this guitar/etcetera as well.  “I light a candle, you fan the flame, kiss in the darkness just to chase it all away.”  That’s such a pretty image, gosh.  The aesthetic of this song is so hardcore beautiful.

“Omaha.”  Moody piano!  Lo-fi voice!  Drumroll.  “Would I still be your girl” oop.  And the phrase ruby-throated.”  “So many miners and gambling scenes” ? “and panning for gold” I’m this is “and if the whole thing goes down in flames” oh my god.

“One Foot.”  Oh, that’s sort of cheery in a Jenny Lewis sort of way.  This is a mess of aesthetic and comparing to other artists and lyricbombs like every album review, oh well, I’m enjoying myself.  I can guarantee I’m going to be listening to this an absurd amount.

“Hanged Man.”  Back to the moody piano.  Back to the melancholy overall.  It’s a nice eleventh hour, though.

“Last Time.”  And finale. With clapping and breathy-stereofied vocals I can’t quite get a full sentence out of and again, very 80s sunshine noir vibe.  I’m into it.  This whole album is kind of like that.  Complete with radio noise, how classic.

–your fangirl heroine.

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