Music Monday :: my thoughts on Under Branch & Thorn & Tree

20 Jul

Random girl folk.  Let’s do this.

“Killer.”  This doesn’t sound like folk yet.  This sounds like Fiona Apple sung by an American (?) Lorde, and I don’t mind that at all, I like both of those, it just wasn’t what I was expecting.  “They say the worst is over, the lowest reached, but it’s such a long road, keep marching.”   This is quite interesting and I like it.

“Kathleen.”  This is a bit twangier!  This is also my middle name, so that’s fun.  “The colors of the night, the darkness around the light, it’s so so so like her” I think that’s what that last is and I like it it’s pretty?

“Elk City.”  Okay, and this one is twangier still.  Breathier, a little more overtly thoughtful.  Storytelling.  I’m trying to think who else her voice reminds me of, and I’m blanking at the moment, but there’s something in her dark vowels that really does feel like Lorde, just the treatment of the music here is so different that it’s a whole other effect?

“Outside the Pale.”  Ooh that intro was weird and neat and I’m really into it.  Also, “within the infrared” that’s so fun.  That’s a word you don’t hear often enough.  This is the one with the album title embedded in it and also so far it’s the most interesting track.

“You Or Mystery.”  Ooohhh, Julia Stone melancholy guitar melody.  “My neighbor died on a Sunday, 35 years old, never asked for sugar, never said hello.  One day I saw him in the driveway, just standing in the light, wearing an inside out sweatshirt for the longest time.”  This is like… suburban gothic and I dig on it.  “Do I miss you or the mystery?”

“When You Come Back.”  I’m getting lyrics really clear here, and that’s a lot of fun.  I like clear lyrics.  This is mellow and nice and I like the strings a lot and I’m not articulate at all.

“Big Rock.”  Aw, this is cute.  Like old Rilo Kiley.  What a cute little song this is!

“All In.”  This is also cute, in a slightly less-upbeat way.  I am just sinking into this

“If I Had a Dollar.”  This sounds like driving into the sunset and then sitting on a porch drinking.  In a good way.  If that makes sense.

“Moving Day.”  Oh, hello, violin.  This is introspective and a little bit moody.  “Oh, we’ve got an empty place.”  I’m feeling a lot of things in a vague sense.

–your fangirl heroine.

oh is that so


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