Spoiler Alert Sunday :: my thoughts on Terminator: Genisys

19 Jul

Well, it was kind of a mess.  I don’t know the original trilogy; most of what I know is the television series, and even then not all of that.  So I’m not taking it from a comparative standpoint, exactly.

Except to say that in this film, Sarah (here Emilia Clarke) is essentially playing the role that John (there Thomas Dekker) holds in the television show.  Aware of her destiny and able to work toward it efficiently, but not super keen on the idea of having a destiny.  Repeatedly bemoaning the fact that her future is laid out for her, longing for a bit of agency.  Kind of made for sassy postadolescent Sarah, which was fine by me.  I went to this movie to watch Emilia, and she did just fine within the parameters!  She’s lovely, she’s good at taking control, and the repeated line about “and don’t look back” kind of made me crack up.

Aside from that, it was needlessly convoluted, honestly.  The cinematic equivalent of a comics reboot, I’m fairly sure, altering the timeline by creating a new timeline, except the new timeline was woven with the old timeline and things got crossed and confused and I’m sure I could have followed it if I cared, but I wasn’t putting a lot of mental energy into it.  There was a lot going on that probably didn’t need to be going on and as a film it probably didn’t need to exist, but whatever.

This movie also failed the Vampire Authority Test hardcore; the opening scene of the resistance was about a 3 :: 20+ ratio.

–your fangirl heroine.


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