Things in Print Thursday :: 10 lessons for English teachers

16 Jul

Presented without commentary.

  1. Read texts from a variety of perspectives, particularly beyond that of the cishet white upper class male.
  2. It’s important to develop empathy and understanding for people who have not had a voice, while being careful not to exoticize or “other” them.
  3. Be sure to look at texts from a variety of marginalized groups, because focusing on only one group to the exclusion of others erases the legitimacy of those other groups.
  4. There are multiple ways to approach something from a critical perspective. Don’t dismiss someone’s approach out of hand because it’s not the one you would take, and don’t try to make others conform to the analytical process that you use.
  5. Presenting arguments is different for everyone as we’ve said, but different strategies should be taught.
  6. Along with learning the basics of analysis and criticism should come a crash course on a variety of basic ideologies.
  7. It might be helpful to include a unit on basic practical documents, such as cover letters and resumes, since students generally do not learn those skills in an official capacity.
  8. Teachers: Do your best not to come off condescending when teaching this or any other material. Students can tell and will not appreciate it.
  9. Make compulsory lessons interesting.
  10. It’s possible to invent practically any interpretation of a text once you know the basics of analysis. Some interpretations are more valid than others, but once you have the tools, you have the ability to go almost anywhere.

–your fangirl heroines.


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