Superlative Sunday :: our thoughts on the 2015 MTV Fandom Awards

12 Jul

So apparently there’s something called the MTV Fandom Awards and we’re here to analyze it.  I guess it’s voted on by MTV… youths, or something.  And it’s… odd.  We are also going to propose some alternatives based on our corner of Tumblr.

Fandom of the Year: The Hunger Games.  I personally am only aware of this even having a fandom insofar as young girls have taken up archery (cool) and are braiding their hair a certain way (fine by me).  So while I’m aware of this existing, I did not realize it could qualify as the Fandom of the Year.  I, on the other hand, wrote my thesis about race and representation in the series, so I am very aware of this fandom and all the fuckery within. And I’m not fond of them, nor their source material. But I suppose it’s not Teen Wolf or Supernatural, at least.

Ship of the Year: Arrow – “Olicity” (Felicity and Oliver).  I sat through 2 full seasons of this garbage show before they killed the bisexual girl and I ragequit, so I feel more than qualified to talk about this. I hate it. I hate Oliver Queen, he has slept with literally every single main or secondary female character who he isn’t related to, and he doesn’t deserve to be in the presence of any of them. He’s cheated on multiple of them and he makes them feel like shit when he is dating/fucking them. He spent two seasons dicking around on Felicity, making her feel special and then freaking out and backing off when she started trying to actually talk about their relationship. He’s been dismissive of her multiple times during the show too. I legitimately do not understand who could look at this ship and see something cute and healthy when it’s just a jackass mistreating a girl who’s starved for attention. Also, the shippers are goddamn obnoxious and terrible to all of the other female characters. And now they’re never going to shut up and I hate everything. Fuck Olicity. (I wanted Felicity to run off with said bisexual girl or LITERALLY ANYONE ELSE but that did not happen.)  But here is our alternative for this category, and it is Cartinelli.  Come on.  This ship, while not explicitly canon, was everything a well-liked ship should be.  Cute?  Check.  Healthy?  Check.  Supportive?  Check.  Loyal?  Check.  Full of about as many love-comes-in-at-the-eyes moments as any ship could be in eight episodes?  Check.  Also well-written and logical. (Fun fact: Arrow writers have admitted they don’t know what the fuck they’re doing re: romantic relationships.) Finally, as far as we can tell, Cartinelli shippers are generally respectful of others and don’t hate on other people or characters for “getting in the way” of the ship.

Best New Fandom of the Year: iZombie.  Neither of us know what this is, really, or much more about it than that we know people who like it.  This is a weird category because a lot of what qualify as new fandoms are things that both of us are not involved in, but here let’s take a moment to talk about Carmilla and also Mad Max: Fury Road.  Carmilla fandom is definitely not perfect, but it has a lot of good qualities. It is incredibly women-centric, since the show has so many female characters, and the second-biggest ship involves the genderqueer character Lafontaine. Fanart appears pretty much immediately after a new episode, and when it was announced that Laf uses they/them pronouns, everyone got on board with it immediately. Part of the reason the fandom is generally so awesome is that the creators and writers are very hands-on: most of them have tumblrs, and they will answer questions and concerns that fans have. Season 2 features two new characters of color because fandom expressed concerns about the overwhelming whiteness of the first season, and when someone pointed out to one of the writers that they had used an ableist slur in an episode, she apologized and promised to do better in the future. Again, it’s not without its problems, but compared to every other fandom it’s a breath of fresh air. Mad Max: Fury Road is interesting because it was nominated in the “revival fandom” category, given that it’s part of a franchise that’s hardly current, but from what I can see the Fury Road fandom has very little to do with the fandom for the other films in the series.  From what I can see the Fury Road fandom is mostly just people being pumped about here’s this movie where a bunch of badass ladies (and some boys too) combat toxic masculinity in super-fast crazy cars, with a side of laughing about the MRAs who complain that the movie is too much (or at all) about women.

Feels Freakout of the Year: Pretty Little Liars – Who Is Charles?  This is another thing neither of us watch.  I saw that they nominated the battle at Hardhome, which wasn’t bad by any means despite being uh, advanced from where we are in the books; it wasn’t exactly feels, in my opinion, but most of my feels about Game of Thrones anymore are… rage.  (Hardhome also made me giggle uncontrollably, somewhat nervously, somewhat because I kept thinking “Jotunheim.”)  Personally, if I were going to nominate anything, I would probably nominate the entirety of the Flash season finale, because as far as I can tell the entire fandom just spent most of the episode crying. Long story short, it involved time travel and found families vs. bio families and also Barry holding his mother as she died and it was VERY SAD i’m not crying you’re crying

Best Fandom Forever (BFF): The Twilight Saga.  Mean Girls was also nominated in this category, and therefore anything winning that wasn’t Mean Girls is a travesty.  The end. I have seriously calmed down about Twilight and its surrounding whatnot, but I’m still not okay with it winning over Mean Girls. Boo, you whore.

Fandom Army of the Year: Fifth Harmony – Harmonizers.  I have nothing to say.  I know nothing about bandom, which is what this category is for.

Social Superstar of the Year: Superwoman. If this is the person I think it is, her YouTube channel is iiSuperwomanii and her legal name, according to Wikipedia, is Lilly Singh. I haven’t watched any of her videos in a year or so, but I ran across her channel by accident one day and watched through a bunch of them because she was engaging and funny. She makes a lot of silly videos like “types of” (kids at school, teachers, crushes, texters, farts), playful gender commentary, and sometimes things involving her “parents” which is her dressed up in silly outfits (I’m seeing one that’s called “Indian Parents Explain How Babies Are Born” that I’m probably going to watch tbh). I remember getting a really fun, positive vibe from her, and it’s nice that she’s not the typical exalted white YouTuber either.

Animation Fandom of the Year: Big Hero 6.  This is approved of wholeheartedly.  This movie should have the fandom that other animated movies of recent years have.  It’s wonderful and important.  It also features a cast with predominantly minority characters, and I have seen shippers (you don’t want to know), but most of the fandom seems to be enjoying the team dynamic and especially the relationship between Hiro and Tadashi, the brothers, and/or Hiro and Baymax.

Best Revival Fandom of the Year: Jurassic World. I’m so over the anti-fandom for this movie, I can’t even tell you. But the actual fandom seems to be composed mostly of being excited about Claire Dearing and the raptor squad, so I’m fine with that, I suppose. It has spawned approximately 23948374 adorable drawings of daddy Owen and his raptor babies.

–your fangirl heroines.

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