Music Monday :: my thoughts on Venus

29 Jun

All right!  Joy Williams’ solo stuff.  Let’s give this a go.

“Before I Sleep.”  It said it would be more pop in the notes.  Definitely getting that right off.  But also Joy Williams’ voice is different enough that this is more like, on the Delta Rae-type pop end of things, like parts of After It All for sure, than the Top 40 tip.  That is actually a strong comparison.  This is very Delta Rae, and I do like it, and now I want Joy Williams and Brittany Holljes and Elizabeth Hopkins doing a collaboration please.  Also, Robert Frost, so that’s fun.

“Sweet Love of Mine.”  The almost weirdness of Joy Williams’ voice makes this especially interesting, although I feel like the instrumentation is sort of reminding me of Michelle Branch or something.  Which is not a bad thing, just a thing.

“Woman (Oh Mama).”  There’s a… Southern spiritual feel to this.  Not bad, I don’t dislike it, I’m just having a hard time trying to think of how to describe this without sounding like it’s appropriative.  It’s an interesting song though, and good freaking grief Joy Williams has a cool voice.  I can’t even explain exactly how I mean this but I really do.

“One Day I Will.”  Suddenly all I can think is Vanessa Carlton.  Which I also say with love in my heart, but piano ballad, that’s where I go.

“Not Good Enough.”  And suddenly suddenly it’s like… keyboard approximating… vibraphone?  I am not good at my melodic percussive instruments.  But it’s a certain sound that’s very vintage.  This suddenly sounds like the 80s.  Like a John Hughes movie.

“What a Good Woman Does.”  I am prepared to judge this song based on what it declares that a good woman does, in fact, do.  Don’t you leave.  “Don’t feel sorry for yourself, you’ve got everything you want.”  Hm.  “I could tell the truth about you leaving, but that’s not what a good woman does.”  Uh.  No.  I… no.  I am uncomfortable.

“Until the Levee.”  Let’s let this pick it up.  “I see a ghost out on the water, I swear it has my face.”  Yes, here we go.  Tripping back into Delta Rae territory, vibing more Southern Gothic for sure.  And clearly it’s in the grand tradition of songs about water and ghosts and creepy shit.  “I’m gonna stand, I’m gonna stand here in the ache, until the levee, until the levee of my heart breaks.”  All right.

“You Loved Me.”  More in the 80s style, drum machine-type percussion and all.  It’s nice though.  Very pleasant.  None of this is hitting me electric like, say, Civil Wars stuff did at times, but it’s nice.

“The Dying Kind.”  This also has the potential to vibe Southern Gothic, with a title like that, and I admit I’m hopeful.  The wispy creepy “aaaah” repetition helps.  “From the earth you are made, to the earth you return,” ah yes.  Come on come on you can do it.  “Taste the good and evil” well okay!  Come on come oooon “every rose has its thorn every thorn has its crown” oop oh come oooooon yes.

“Till Forever.”  This sounds like it should be the song on the end of a Disney animated film.  Also meant fondly, I think.  “We go stronger for breaking apart” that’s nice.  There’s an “underneath the covers” though maybe not entirely Disney.

“Welcome Home.”  This is the end song for some movie, anyway.  Possibly a movie about white people almost kissing.

–your fangirl heroine.

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