Spoiler Alert Sunday :: my thoughts on Inside Out

28 Jun

So as I before have mentioned, psychology was one of my big focus areas in college.  I’d taken a class or two in high school and it hadn’t really done anything for me (largely because of my teachers and classmates, I’m sure) but then I took another one toward the beginning of college and fell in love.  Psychology, I have always rationalized, is important to understanding characters when you’re writing (as well as understanding people when you’re interacting, but people are less happy about being analyzed, generally).  I got genuinely interested in the more technically neuroscientific end of it, too, which I’ve also mentioned; I find it all fascinating.

With all that said, I was initially very excited about Inside Out.  I had a period of slight anxiety based on the way Disney was rather aggressively merchandising it even before its release, but I think a lot of that is because I usually fall hardest for movies that are rather under-merchandised and I’m not used to it.  All of that said, it was a very nice movie!

Okay, “nice” is kind of a weird adjective, probably.  I did feel things!  I emoted plenty.  I also really appreciated some of its overall points:

  • emotions can and should coexist (happiness is strongest when complemented by sadness, etcetera)
  • expecting people to continuously be happy regardless is in fact a little wonky
  • catastrophic events alter one’s personality
  • as someone ages and develops their processing becomes more complex
  • memories and emotions change and you know what that’s okay

The voice talents were nice, the layout of the emotional brain was fascinating (good metaphors!  Easy-to-relate landmarks! Again etcetera), overall very sweet very good.  Thank you for a nice film!

–your fangirl heroine.


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