Whimsy Wednesday :: in which Chibiusa is a Red Lantern and there is a lot of angsty teen-esque screaming.

24 Jun

Brand new drinking game!

  • transformations/attacks as usual
  • Demande is rapey
  • someone gives cryptic advice
  • something happens that is less than heterosexual

Ah yes.  Evil grown-up sexy alternate Chibi-Usa with the evil umbrella.  Being brainwashed by Wiseman to remember shitty things.  Like them telling her to be careful so she doesn’t fall down but she doesn’t listen and “see what happens when you don’t listen to Mommy” that’s fucked up.  This is so fucked up.  Also those are her panties and that too is fucked up.

So…this memory where her parents allegedly went away on business during her birthday is Oliver and Company. She even has a cat, sort of!

She spirals into an angstvoid of bad memories and a lack of love and it is literally a spiral and “loathe this world!” lol omg this is so.  NOPE.

“Destroy all worlds filled with hate and” something something “shroud of darkness.”  Her hate makes her grow into a teenager with a curvy butt and tits and longer hair and now she’s an evil grown-up with a sexy dress made of hatred!!!!!  How even.

And now she’s a Red Lantern. Someday I will learn how to process things without relating them to comic books.

Don’t.  It’s wonderful.

Why is Saphir wearing driving gloves? We just don’t know.

Whoa that was a suggestive bangs-sweep.

You can tell Sailor Pluto is a grown-up because she has lipstick.

I’m gonna call that vague advice.

Well, she’s not exactly in danger.  She’s just a teenager-adult wearing a sexy dress standing on top of a tall building.  Y’know.

I’ve also never understood why they don’t utilize Sailor Teleport more often.

“I am Black Lady, the Queen of Darkness.”  THIS ISN’T A PHASE MOM THIS IS WHO I AM


Also I like how they apparently don’t notice that her hair is pink?

Luna-P, transform into… an evil umbrella!

“Her mind is under the control of an evil person.”

Who the heck is Chibiusa?

“Even the prettiest flower wilts when infected with poisonous energy.  Chibi-Usa, you are possessed by negative energy.  Don’t let yourself be tricked.”

“Please refresh.”

I also find it very interesting that in the future she’s still wearing what appears to be a school uniform while running around the palace.



“You are a pitiful bunny starved of love” uhhhhhhh that wasn’t Demande but I’m taking a drink for vague sketch anyway.


Nobody loves me everybody hates me I’M GONNA EAT SOME WORMS

Or possibly the planet, y’know.

Is he just perched on that streetlight like a pigeon?

Ugly laughter.

SPOILER, there

The news reports the “mysterious object” so calmly, like there’s nothing weird about a building-sized crystal growing out of the street.

And the magic that magicked Chibi-Usa into their lives has worn off welp

Rei’s hand on Usagi’s knee is SUPER HETEROSEXUAL.

Especially when followed by them staring at each other and blushing.

“Start a riot for the silence and bestow chaotic emptiness to Death Phantom, the conqueror of this world” HE LOOKS LIKE THE GHOST GALAXY, AND ALSO THOSE SOUND LIKE TERRIBLE METAL LYRICS

“You can’t tell me what to do” YOU CAN’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO OH MY GOD OH MY GOD


“Wiseman!  You bastard!”  “You shall perish without knowing anything!”  GOLDEN

Welp that’s sketch drinking for it

Is that the same tree Nephrite died under probably

“…and claim a flower garden of our own” HETEROSEXUAL

“I thought that Petz hated men” lolol omg SHIP SURPRISE

“And take back the control panel” lol what the fuck omg.

“We learned true kindness and trust from Sailor Moon and her friends” “we’re surrounded by warmth, we feel liberated.”  YES OKAY

Emotional heterosexuality oh my.

“I’ll reclaim my jacket when I do” that means you’re not coming back bud that’s like telling Jon Snow you’ll talk later.

“I’m doing this of my own free will” UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HELP ME i’M FEELING

“Thanks to a certain someone we’ve all become kind of dumb” “…especially Sailor Moon” WINKS holy christ

“I found the person I want to talk to” wibble eyes fuck the internet has destroyed me

And Wiseman levitates the hard drive thing back to himself.  So technical.

Those brothers are very heterosexual.

Okay, I mean, I know the internet has ruined me for everything ever but I was gonna say

Tnese sisters are also fairly heterosexual.

“Saphir will live on in my heart”  Well all right then.

–your fangirl heroines.


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