Sundry Sunday :: modern Goofus and gallant the third.

21 Jun

The theme tonight is relationships with one’s family!

Goofus uses his birthday and other special days to coerce his family into doing things for him that they openly dislike.
Gallant understands that, even on days meant to celebrate him, sometimes people won’t want to do every activity he wants to do.

Goofus always hogs the remote control when his family is watching television.
Gallant lets everyone have a turn watching what they want.

Goofus leaves his messes lying around for others to clean up.
Gallant makes sure to clean up after himself and even offers to help his family clean.

Goofus blasts his music or TV loud and refuses to turn it down when asked.
Gallant keeps his volume at a reasonable level and if asked, turns the volume down or uses headphones.

Goofus yells and gets frustrated when people don’t respond to him right away.
Gallant gives someone time to answer and if necessary calmly repeats himself.

–your fangirl heroine.


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