Spoiler Alert Saturday :: my thoughts on Pitch Perfect 2

20 Jun

I liked the first one of these all right, and I liked this one all right.  It’s not a perfect comedy, or a perfect movie; there could have been a few less oversimplifying jokes (though I continue to love Gail [Elizabeth Higgins] calmly refuting John [John Michael Higgins] and his horrible offensive comments) and a little less heterosexual romance (honestly, I was sort of wondering what those particular plots were doing in the movie at all, but maybe that’s just me) but it was still a nice time.

The Bechdel test was passed gratuitously.

Everything that Aubrey (Anna Camp) said was hilarious if you thought about Sarah Newlin, which I confess I couldn’t keep from doing.

Hailee Steinfeld is adorable.

There was a slightly absurd amount of femslash subtext and text-text (Beca [Anna Kendrick] I mean really).

Skylar Astin is adorable, although narratively useless here in the most endearing way.

And I am a giant sap and will admit to getting chills during the big musical number.

–your fangirl heroine.

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