Whimsy Wednesday :: in which Demande is very sketchy and Esmeraude is Maleficent.

17 Jun

“You used your dirty powers to steal a girl’s heart.”  Oh god I forgot that this got vaguely rapey.


Maybe “vaguely” is the wrong word.  That was some straight-up Phantom of the Opera shit right there.  But there will be more comments on it when we actually get to it in the episode.


“You’re a hologram?”  I feel like the term is astral projection maybe?  I’ve heard that term, is that appropriate to transparent King Endymion?

The context in which I’ve heard the term is Snapewives, so I really couldn’t say.

“I won’t forgive anyone who captivates Demande’s heart!”

Such exposition very story wow.

They “fled on a journey into space”? Is this…supposed to parallel the biblical story of Lucifer?

On a journey into space where “the inhabitants evolved into beings with unique superpowers” oops.

Most reasonable reaction to learning that in the 30th century you awaken the earth from a cryogenic slumber and rule it from a crystal palace in Tokyo.

“What is this that surrounds the Queen’s body?” Mercury asks, because she is the one who wants to know things.


Then they glow radioactive red from embarrassment

I still think it’s lame that Usagi grows up to be Neo Queen Serenity and the other senshi… don’t even get a costume change in the future.


Prince Demande turning his forehead moon into a hypnotic psychedelic mess so he can levitate Sailor Moon and kidnap her.  “I have you, my real prize.”  Thaaaaaaaaaaat is

Look, it’s Grant Ward.


He even changed her into a shitty nightgown.

Also, why do they need to have this conversation while levitating we just don’t know.

“This is will be your resting place for all eternity” WELL OKAY THEN MR. ABRASAX

“The one with the greater power will possess this lovely planet” I mean really now

“I would do anything to have you” UH

“How dare you use evil power to force yourself onto a woman” from Tuxedo Mask followed by Demande’s retort that Tuxedo Mask is being self-righteous yeeeeeeeeeeeeah


“Women are frightening creatures who might do anything in a jealous rage.” And men are always perfectly rational and calm when jealous.

I genuinely thought Saphir was about to confess his romantic feelings for his brother.  Sometimes I hate being of the internet.

“You will be mine for sure” wow Demande is really not giving up this whole rapey problem

I mean, I guess it’s reasonable that Chibi-Usa didn’t think that her mom from the 30th Century would be a girl in the 20th, because that doesn’t make sense in a lot of ways, but uh, Usagi does look exactly like Neo Queen Serenity, sooo.

I love how much taller Jupiter is than the other girls.  And the fact that it’s really not that much taller.  She’s 5’6”, the shortest of the others is Usagi at 4’11” and that’s a difference but the other three are between 5’1”-5’4” if I recall properly.

“Veiled in forgotten memories in a corner of your mind” sounds like an Evanescence lyric.

I also love King Endymion’s very crystal-tech control panel.


Chibi-Usa no no no no no bad

“He blindly follows that dubious sorcerer Wiseman” Saphr is so verbose.

“There shouldn’t be any droids left at this base!” These are not the droids you’re looking for.

Esmeraude why are you striking a deal with him


Why are you striking a deal with him when you said you don’t trust him?

“I, and none other, am the future Queen!”  As she’s dressed like a ridiculous new wave version of Maleficent.  She should know that was a trap.  A smoky doom trap.

As per Maleficent, a dragon appears!

“Don’t panic, everyone!”  Don’t panic at the giant dragon that is technology and not a dragon but still it’s scary probably.

“Yikes! It’s really humongous up close!” THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID

And this is why it’s a bad idea to let a hologram babysit.  He misplaced his own daughter.

“And believe in the power of justice” and that of inspirational music, obviously.

–your fangirl heroines.


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