Music Monday :: my thoughts on My Love is Cool

15 Jun

Welp, it’s Monday and that means randomly selecting an album streaming on NPR to give a listen to, I guess.

“Turn to Dust.”  Okay, so her voice is ethereal but there’s a guitar and slightly ominous ambient noise and this could definitely pass for some form of Gothic Americana, so that’s a plus.  She sounds very whimsical and weird.  Like the vocal equivalent of Allison Harvard or something.  I mean that with every affection.  “Keep your beady eyes on me.

“Bros.”  Guitar that sounds like Rilo Kiley.  There’s a definite Rilo Kiley vibe and I’m not complaining, nope.  I’m grooving on this summer fun ambiance.

“Your Loves Whore.”  Not exactly winning point on its title, but its opening drum riff vaguely reminds me of Stillwater and when the rest of the instruments come in it sounds like a John Hughes movie or maybe 10 Things I Hate About You.  And the musical intro is over a minute long, and there are these abrupt start-stops in the middle of the song, and it’s kind of interesting.

“Moaning Lisa Smile.”  Puns!  The first song was a lot more Gothic-aesthetic than the next, but this one sort of sounds like old Tegan and Sara, but then the “ah ah ah ah ah aaaahh ah” part sounds like… something entirely different from that.  It’s cute.

“You’re a Germ.”   This is the cutest 90s garage rage.  It’s adorable.

“Lisbon.”  Definitely.  Rilo Kiley.  Definitely.  I’m fine with that!  I miss Rilo Kiley.  It’s not super-deep, though it might be upon more listens, but it’s cute.  I kind of want to go back to the first song’s vibe, because that’s a little more my speed, but this is quite nice!

“Silk.”  Here we are!  “Whose fault is that if it wasn’t on the [deck?]”  This is driftier and shoegazier and a bit less warm, and I like it.  I can’t pick out a lot of these words but I really, really like them and will feel happy when I read them.

“Freazy.”  But we’re back to the Rilo Kiley now, upbeat guitar and little pattery vocals and gosh, this is summertime driving.  This is a teen beach movie.

“Giant Peach.”  Good grief this is ridiculously Rilo Kiley, with a bit of Metric thrown in for good measure.  I’m not complaining at all!  It’s very pleasant.

“Swallowtail.”  Oh there’s a boy voice.  It’s funny how putting boy voices on top of this style of music makes me objectively less interested immediately.  Guitar strumming and like, it’s all right, but, wow.  It’s echoing in my head but it doesn’t make me smile the same way.

“Soapy Water.”  Okay, more shoegaze, maybe.  I don’t know if I’m actually using that correctly but I feel like I must be.  This feels like something you would do that action to, gazing at your shoes.

“Fluffy.”  Drums and guitar and Runaways riot!  Adorable.  I feel like that is probably the wrong word for this, but it’s true.  It is adorable.

“The Wonderwhy.”  “Don’t leave me here when I’m not” something, and ohs and ahs and this is vaguely euphoric, I like it.

–your fangirl heroine.


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