Whimsy Wednesday :: in which shit starts to go down and there’s a mini Hunger Games, but nobody is dead yet.

10 Jun

Tiny girlchild defending other tiny girlchild!  My favorite.  Girls defending girls is my very favorite thing.  Adorbs.

“A cute friend of yours” as Momo, which means peach, enters blushing and they show the next scene in soft focus.

“Success will be my gift to Prince Demand as I bid adieu to this…” uh, something “world.”  Esmeraude is very dramatic and overblown.

Oh shit it’s the Hunger Games

Momo just kicked that child so hard in the dick that he fell on his back.

Yes, Chibi-Usa, it’s just the cats, they sneaked into the school building.  No bigs.  There’s nothing going on, don’t worry.

Okay, so they’ve got to be going into an alternate dimension when they transform, or else they do it but somehow it has some of that magic that makes people forget that Ben is Glory.

Sometimes I just get caught up in watching how pretty the attacks are.

I really don’t remember the monsters saying “die” quite so obviously in the dub I grew up with.

Aw, shit, electrocution box.  Is the electrocution box going to help Chibi-Usa break her friend’s hypnosis?  IT SURE IS POWER OF LOVE BIYATCH

But then oh no oh no Momo is killed!  And the school…. explodes???  This is so dramatic I forgot about this.  O_O_O_O_O_O_O_O everyone says.

Tuxedo Mask knows how to make an entrance.  “Teach them the ABC’s of justice.”  He does not know how to say things that do not sound moronic.

Hey look at that!  Momo’s not dead!  Hurrah.  No dead little girls on this television program!!!!!

(that is shade I just threw it)

And nobody’s parents will ever know they’re gone.

THE DOORS OF SPACE-TIME what awaits you Sailor Pluto does!!!!!!!!!

You can always tell shit’s really bad when their uniforms actually get fucked up.  Even though it’s just a dream, it’s a bad one.

Yes, they could be defeated, but sweetie Chibi-Usa, your dreams do not have the gift of prophecy.  That’s Rei’s game.  Don’t worry.

Question mark tails!

We’re into the dramatic stretch of the season.  Lots of yelling and whispering.

That door seems overly complicated.

The sad fate of Sailor Pluto, standing watch at the door of space-time that nobody knew about.  It’s very tragic, poor Sailor Heimdall.

“I want to stare into those beautiful eyes.” THAT’S NOT CREEPY

I love the overly technical discussions of space-time that are very very serious.

“This place is sort of creepy.”  You mean the void of floating blue, red, and white lights that look like they were drawn with Inobscuro’s Photoshop texture brushes.  Yes, that’s… one description.

“Children who play pranks need to be severely punished.”  With… creepy tentacle hair shadows.


You’re shocked that the future looks like a crystal apocalypse?  Why does this surprise you at all?

–your fangirl heroines.

ladies listening

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